Ufff Opened Their First Store in Al Kout Mall in Kuwait

Ufff surprised everyone when they opened their first store in Al Kout Mall. It is the perfect mall to open such a store, because it makes it more exciting. I can’t believe how Ufff expanded from a website to a store in one of Kuwait most popular malls in a very short time. What I like about Ufff is that they keep getting the most interesting brands to sell and distribute. I got a message from my nephew asking me about Ufff store, and I didn’t know how he knew about it. He told me that his cousins went to Al Kout Mall and they all took pictures of the store and shared it on social media. They had a big frame of a Funko where people take a picture of and share it online. It was a very creative idea to keep people engaged with the brand.

My favorite products in Ufff is their mugs, and if you see them in stock. Make sure you purchase them fast before they sell out. This is one of my favorite mugs, and I can’t wait for more Legend of Zelda mugs by Paladone.

Playstation 5 (PS5) Vs Xbox Series X Sales in Kuwait

Today Xbox Series X | S were listed for Pre-Orders at the main suppliers in Kuwait. I was surprised that almost 6 hours later, none were sold out. Now Eureka got sold out but not the rest. Playstation 5 were sold out so fast within less than an hour and most people couldn’t even catch up. Even the people who missed buying a PS5 are waiting for a restock rather than buy an Xbox. You can find Xbox at the below retailers

Xbox Series X: Eureka | Xcite | Best Electronics | Geekay

Xbox Series S: Eureka | Xcite | Best Electronics | Geekay

It is known that the Middle East is a Playstation region for many years. Very few friends of mine have Xbox, and most of our new gamer friends choose a Playstation because they want to play with their friends who are already in PSN. I have always bought both consoles, but this time I won’t. This time, I only bought a Playstation, because historically I bought Xbox but never used it much. I only played Ninja Gaiden and Tomb Raider games on the previous Xbox versions. I used to play one game and nothing beyond that, so this time I won’t buy it unless Bethesda games becomes exclusive on Xbox. After the big news yesterday where Microsoft bought Bethesda, I started to believe that Microsoft can now compete with Playstation Exclusives. This is a very interesting generation, so lets see how it goes.

Where To Pre-Order Playstation 5 (PS5) in Kuwait  |   Where To Pre-Order Xbox Series X | S in Kuwait 


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What Accessories & Items To Buy With Apple Macbook in Kuwait

I just bought my niece a Macbook Air, and the first question that came to mind is what to buy to complete the package. There are few items that is very important to have for Apple Macbooks.

1- Anker USB C Hub : As you know the Macbook doesn’t have any ports except USB C, so a dongle is required to use normal USB, HDMI, and SD Card. The best one from the ones I used is Anker USB Hub

2- AUKEY USB C Adapter : Sometimes for a mouse only, you don’t need to use an entire hub, so I use a normal USB C adapter to use the normal USB

3- Power Adapter Extension Cord Wall Cord Cable : Apple Macbook Pro and Air come with a short power cable. I prefer to use extension cord which used to come with Apple previous laptops. Now I always buy it whenever I buy a new Apple laptop.

4- Macbook Pro or Air Case : Sometimes a laptop hit a surface and you don’t want the nice aluminum to be bended, so it is very important to buy a case. The one I am showing is for Macbook Air, so make sure you select the one fitting your laptop.

5- Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse : It is important to use a mouse with a laptop and it is better to use an Ergonomic mouse which is better for the wrist for using it for a longtime.

6- Kids Headphones / Adult Headphones : Buying a headset is important especially for Zoom meetings. Check the adult version and the kids version and both come with a microphone.

7- Laptop Bag or Backpack: There are tons of options in the market, but I personally prefer a brand called incase. Their quality is superior.

Where Can I Buy Precious Metals Such as Gold & Silver Bars Online in Kuwait

When I was living in the US, it was very easy to buy gold and silver coins & bars online. I was using Apmex for more than 10 years and their finishing is really impressive. I really wish someone bring Apmex to Kuwait and start selling their products. I love Apmex, because their products aren’t just precious metals, they are collectable items. In Kuwait it is totally different where I can’t find what I am looking for online both in terms of precious metals options, design, and quality. I was told that there is a website, but I can’t seem to find it when I search on Google. I personally don’t like to go to AlMubarkeya and go to each store and negotiate. Even though it is an experience, but it is boring and waste of time. Hopefully someone create the Apmex of Kuwait sometime in the future.

Amazon is Now Requiring Civil ID or Passport Copy For Kuwait Shipments

Today I was surprised to see Amazon requiring a picture of my civil ID or Passport Info for Kuwait customs. For the ID, they require a picture of both front and back. For passport, they ask for passport number, issuing country, and expiration date. If someone submit an order without supplying the info for 48 hours, the order will be cancelled. It seems Kuwait is becoming more strict with the shipments as I have never seen such requirement from any other country. The only time I submitted my civil ID for shipments is when I opened a Posta Plus Mybox account. It happened once only and they never asked for the information again. I hope that online shopping from overseas doesn’t get any difficult as I rarely buy anything from Kuwait anymore. Below you can see the info they ask for when you try to ship to Kuwait

Extreme Laptop Shortage in Kuwait Due To Online Classes

There is an extreme laptop shortage in Kuwait due to online classes. Supply is very limited because the manufacturers aren’t working at full capacity yet due to Covid. Even used laptops increased in value which is something I never expected will ever happen. Sadly I sold my Macbook Pro for 150 KD right before Covid. If I haven’t sold it, it would have been worth more than 200 KD. Few days ago I ordered 4 laptops for the company and the prices were very good. I usually buy from Amazon because it is much cheaper than Kuwait even with shipping and customs. For parents who are looking for laptops, you can buy a mid level laptop within these specs below. Usually the price will be around 190-210 KD if you buy it from Amazon plus shipping and customs.

Processor: Intel i5

Hard Drive: 256 – 512 GB NVMe SSD (Avoid HDD at all cost)


I think this is good enough for a mid level laptop that will last a good amount of time. Going with the lowest specs isn’t a good idea, because it doesn’t last as long. Let me know if you need any guidance with buying a laptop.

KFC | Why Did The Best Chicken Nuggets in Kuwait Disappear

What happened to the best chicken nuggets in Kuwait. KFC chicken nuggets was my very favorite for a very long time. Sadly more than a year ago, it suddenly got discontinued and their only option right now is their popcorn chicken. Don’t get me wrong, I like KFC popcorn chicken, but it doesn’t substitute KFC chicken nuggets. McDonald’s chicken nuggets does compete with KFC, but I still prefer KFC chicken nuggets much more. I really hope they offer it again one day, because I really miss it. I don’t know other places which offers good chicken nuggets besides KFC and McDonald’s.

Woodex | The Best Closets, Wardrobes, & Cabinets in Kuwait

There are lots of carpentries that sells closets & wardrobes in Kuwait. A lot of them have one problem in common, which is design. It seems that one place create a horrible design and the rest copy it. There isn’t any research and development, which is very sad. Some closets and wardrobe designs are from ages ago with no innovation. I don’t know why this has been the case in Kuwait for a very long time. The very nice designs are usually from Europe and they are extremely expensive. The average person can never afford these closets. Woodex has managed to create impressive designs close to the ones from Europe at a much lower price. When it comes to quality, Woodex is known for extremely high quality and durability. Hossein the owner of Woodex is a very talented person. He is really passionate about woodworks, and he really cares that his products last for a very long time. My family have been dealing with Woodex for the past 15 years, and until today they always praise their quality. Sometimes we buy closets from other places which are cheaper, but we regret it few years later.

If you are thinking of buying a very high quality closets and very nice design at a very good price. Definitely buy from Woodex and you won’t regret it. Check their instagram page and website and let me know what you think. If you like to see things in person, you can visit their showroom in front of Abyat in Shuwaikh. I really believe that Woodex is one of the best carpentries in Kuwait.


DHL EasyShop | Is No Longer The Best Mail Forwarding Service in Kuwait

I finally found the perfect mail forwarding service in Kuwait. I have been using Posta Plus Mybox and Postshipper, but they both slowed down a lot due to the pandemic. I was trying to find something faster than both of them before the corona pandemic. Mybox became less efficient where I don’t see a package notifications so I call them and give them the tracking number after 3-4 weeks from delivery. They tell me the package is already in Kuwait and will be delivered in the next few days. The problem I never saw the notification, and I understand they are going through hard time because of the amount of orders. Postshipper is taking about 7 days to prepare the shipment, but I get it very fast once it is shipped. I was told to use DHL Easyshop, but I never got the chance to try it, because I was comfortable with Postshipper. After trying it for the first time, I realized this isn’t the speed that I am used to. It is abnormally fast and I haven’t seen a service that fast ever. Even MyUS isn’t as fast, so it immediately became my favorite mail forwarding service in Kuwait. Also there is an option for consolidation, but storage is free for 2 weeks only. Unlike Postshipper that gives 60-90 days of free storage. I am switching to DHL EasyShop for the urgent shipments. Postshipper for less important shipments and packages I want to consolidate over 60-90 days. Mybox for very large packages that are even less important. 

Update: DHL EasyShop isn’t that great anymore, they take forever to list the package once it is delivered. Sometimes it takes more than a week to show the package in my box. Postshipper is once again the best mail forwarding service in Kuwait.

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Perrier Flavored Carbonated Water Packs Are Impossible To Find in Kuwait

This has been the case for so many years where Perrier flavored carbonated water packs is the hardest product to find in Kuwait. I literally go from one supermarket to another just to find it. I usually find it in fridges where they sell them per piece, but I want to buy them in packs. There were only two online places where they sell them in packs. Sultan Center and Drops application, and I was so happy until few months ago where I can’t find a single pack online. In Drops application, I can’t find any of Perrier products, which is really sad. Even in supermarkets I haven’t found it yet, so I decided to go to Mishref Co-op where it might be available. This is a real struggle, and someone should get La Croix or Dasani flavored carbonated water in Kuwait. At least someone compete with Perrier in Kuwait, because in the US that was never the case. All products were always available.