Trikart | E-commerce With an Impressive Customer Service in Kuwait

About a year ago, I discovered an E-commerce called Trikart which I didn’t know about at that time. Whenever I see a website that I don’t know, I hesitate to order and go to the big retailers especially when it comes to the expensive stuff. I tried to order small items from Trikart few times and everything was delivered very fast. I was very happy with the experience, and it became part of my favorite E-commerce platforms in Kuwait. Now things are taken to the next level where I was impressed beyond what I had in mind. So far I haven’t experienced a customer service that great in Kuwait. Few days ago, I ordered a 512GB Samsung Z Fold 4, and their pricing was the best in the market. When I got the phone, it was a 256GB. I was very disappointed, because whenever I face such issue with the big retailers. I usually go through hell just to replace the product, just like what happened recently with my Sony TV, where it took 2 months and a total of more than 10 long calls just to try to return a TV that has an issue of fading colors. The issue started after 3 days from receiving the TV, and returning it was almost impossible. Of course since then I created a guide of how to test the TV before receiving it. With Trikart I just contacted them via Whatsapp, and I explained the issue, and I told them the phone is still sealed. They were like OK, tomorrow you will get the 512GB. I was like WHAT ? impossible, because I am used to other retailers and how hard they make it to replace or repair a product. In less than 24 hours, Trikart replaced my phone, and I was extremely impressed. I was like WOW that reminds me of my days in the US, where Amazon replaces any item very fast. When I came back to Kuwait, I realized they make it very hard where you have to use Wasta or threat that you will go consumer protection department or call them every few days and see that you are persistent. With Trikart that isn’t the case at all. Their customer service is amazing, and they win my loyalty big time and I am already recommending it to everyone. I don’t mind anyone making a mistake, and I faced mistakes with most of the retailers in Kuwait, but the main thing is how to solve it and Trikart did an impressive job. I was about to get a new Sony TV for my Diwaneya, and now I will get it from Trikart. Waiting for them to restock.

Thank you Trikart for the impressive customer service.

Apple Pay is Launching in Kuwait in October 2022

Finally Apple is launching Apple Pay next month, and most of my friends who are using iPhones have been waiting for this day. For me I have no worries since I stopped using iPhones few years ago and now I use Samsung Z Fold. On Samsung I use Samsung Pay for my NBK cards and Google Pay for my US cards. Paying by phone is so convenient and it saves a lot of time. I usually hold my phone and keep my wallet in my pocket, so I used to grab my wallet and pay by card. This is no longer the case where I pay by phone for all my transactions. Try mobile payment few times and it will eventually be much more comfortable than paying by cards.

Taqdeer Al Ehteyaj | The Best Comedy TV Show in Kuwait in Recent Years

Season 1 from Taqdeer Al Ehteyaj was released 3 years ago as a 4 episodes season only. The TV Show got a lot of attention for being very funny and for being something that people can relate to. Since then I have been waiting for season 2, and it was released on September 1st, 2022. It is a 10 episodes season and it is available only on Shasha. I have seen Shasha being promoted on AlQabas all the time after trailers from the Black Box by Ammar Taqi. I didn’t pay for subscription until Taqdeer Al Ehteyaj was released. I paid for the 1 year subscription for $59.99, which is a lot for a platform that doesn’t have much content.

My favorite episode from Taqdeer Al Ehteyaj is episode 2 from season 1 and episode 8 from season 2. It is a must watch

Sony & Samsung QD OLED TV’s Are Available in Kuwait

Less than a year ago, I got the LG C1 OLED TV. Back then that was the best gaming TV in the market. Of course OLED TV was and still very impressive, but it has it cons as well. The brightness is known to be one issue and the other is the possibility of burn in. Such issues doesn’t exist with QLED TV’s, and they come with their own issues such as less contrast between black and the other colors. Now the best of both OLED and QLED are combined into QD OLED, and they are finally available in Kuwait. So far there is two companies that are offering QD OLED TV’s, which are Sony and Samsung. The only limitation is that they come in 55″ and 65″ sizes only. I really want a 77″ or 83″ for my next upgrade which will be few years away.

Sony A95K 

Xcite (65″)


Samsung S95B

Andalus (55″ , 65″)

Lulu Hypermarket (65″)

We Need a New Generation of PSP (Playstation Portable)

I have always been a fan of portable consoles and it all started with Nintendo Game Boy. Back then my favorite games were Tetris, Super Mario, and Pokemon Blue. When Sony released their first PSP, I was blown away and couldn’t believe that a console can look that good. Even though I played Sega Game Gear, PSP was so different. I really enjoyed having a PSP and I played lots of games. When Sony released PS Vita, I believed that things were taken to the next level. The console had an OLED screen, and it was extremely well built. My main issues were the price of memory cards and the amount of games. Both of the issues can be solved with the upcoming PSP if there is one. When Sony decided not to support the device, I was really disappointed, because I have seen how Nintendo supported the 3DS back then even though most people thought that it would fail.

Seeing my friends and family who bought Nintendo Switch just because they wanted a portable console whenever they travel. What Nintendo did was really a genius move. The consolidated the console and portable market in one ecosystem. Now they no longer worry about developing a game for the home console and the portable one. After the release of Steam Deck, I see my friends and family wanting one, and they think of it as a replacement of the PSP. I believe that Sony still has room in the market, but can be done in a total different way than the PS Vita.

This is what I think Sony should do

  1. Make the new PSP with the same specs as the PS4 and uses the same operating system as the consoles. This way the development will be consolidated and Sony platform will have a larger user base. If that happens, I will be able to play all the PS4 games and all the upcoming indie games that doesn’t require PS5 power such as Sifu, Stray, Hades, and Ninja Turtles Shredder’s Revenge.
  2. Make storage expansion very simple similar to the PS5, where they can use something generic not proprietary like Xbox Series X or PS Vita that can be easily bought online like an SD Card or so.

If that happens, Sony will get back the people who played PS Vita and especially the ones who played Japanese games. The user base will be much larger for Sony, and Sony will be able to leverage their PS Plus much better because they are investing in bringing back PS1, PS2, and PS3 games on PS Plus. That should bring more sales to PS Plus and it will make more sense for Sony to invest in having PS3 games downloaded on their consoles. Not only that, with portable consoles, I see each family member having his/her own Nintendo Switch where it isn’t the case for a home console like PS5. It equals to more sales eventually and a larger user base.


How To Brew The Best Tea Ever

I have been trying to find better ways to brew tea than the samovar, and I recently found one that tastes much better. I found a special kettle from Orca that brew tea leaves using steam. The bitterness is nonexistent using this method, and everyone who tried it was impressed. So far it is my very favorite tea.

The process that I used is the following.

1- 2 small spoons of AlMunayes White Box Tea.

2- Turn on Orca kettle and set it to A, which stands for Automatic.

3- The kettle will heat the water and it will stop at one point.

4- Pour & Enjoy.


The Winner Between Playstation 5 (PS5) Vs Xbox Series X | S

I have read many articles and tweets about how the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S will be used in this generation. The argument was very interesting where Xbox with Game Pass will be the everyday console just like Netflix where great games will be released day 1 on Game Pass including all Bethesda, Microsoft, EA Games, and more. Playstation will be like the movie theatre where every now and then there will be a great exclusive that are a must play. I believed that would eventually be the case so I subscribed to Game Pass for 3 years, and the value keeps increasing because Microsoft is acquiring big studios and release all their games day 1. Last week I wanted to buy the new Ninja Turtle game on PS5, but then I decided to check my Game Pass and found the game. I played the game without paying $25 on Playstation. I believe Microsoft need another 2-3 years to be really competitive with Sony, because as of today Sony own lots of established studios with strong IP’s such as Uncharted, The Last of Us, Horizon, God of War, Ratchet & Clank, Ghost of Tsushima, Spider Man, and more. Even the small studios which released console exclusive games such as Sifu and Kena are only on Playstation. I mainly play such games so 99% of the times, I am playing on my Playstation and rarely play on Xbox even though I thought with Game Pass, Xbox will be my everyday console. That wasn’t the case, and my everyday console is Playstation 5. My favorite games are the single player with a really good story, so Xbox games aren’t relevant to me. I don’t know if many people are like me, because most people I know play online games such as Fortnite and COD, and I don’t play any online games. In my opinion Playstation is wining so far, because they are releasing amazing exclusives one after the other. 2022 is really packed with amazing games such as Horizon Forbidden West, The Last of Us Part I, God of War Ragnarok, GT7, and more. The pipeline keeps getting games that are very exciting.

Why do I think Microsoft needs another 2-3 years to fully compete, because they have games in the pipeline and they are acquiring big studios that Sony can never buy, so eventually they will catch up and they will offer much better value to Game Pass and Microsoft can afford it even if they lose billions in the short term.

The remaining studios that can be acquired in the market are the following.

  • Take-Two
  • EA Games
  • Ubisoft
  • Konami
  • Capcom
  • Sega

I think Konami is the most relevant for Sony to acquire, the rest can be acquired by Microsoft. I personally don’t know if such deals will go through since there are laws that protect industries from monopolies. Whatever is happening right now in terms of competition between Microsoft and Sony is better for customers and we keep getting better offerings because of the competition. In this generation of console wars, I think Sony is winning so far, but let’s see if things change the next few years. I believe it will be very competitive and eventually they will compete neck to neck.

Where To Pre-Order Sony IZNONE PC Gaming Accessories in Kuwait

It seems Sony is getting much more serious about PC gaming the past 1-2 years. They first released their games on PC, which I never thought that they will ever take that approach. Now they released an entire new gaming brand for PC gaming accessories called INZONE. The first two items they released were headsets and monitors.

Xcite Kuwait

Sony INZONE H3 Gaming Headset

Sony INZONE H7 Wireless Gaming Headset

Sony INZONE H9 Noise Cancelling Wireless Gaming Headset

International Pre-Orders For Sony INZONE (Might require freights forwarding address like MyUS, or Postshipper)

Amazon US

Gaming Headsets

Sony INZONE H3 Gaming Headset

Sony INZONE H7 Wireless Gaming Headset

Sony INZONE H9 Noise Cancelling Wireless Gaming Headset

Amazon UK

Gaming Headsets

Sony INZONE H3 Gaming Headset

Sony INZONE H7 Wireless Gaming Headset

Sony INZONE H9 Noise Cancelling Wireless Gaming Headset


Sony INZONE M9 27 inch gaming monitor

How To Get International Driving License For 10 Years in Kuwait

Now is the season to travel and I see a lot of people applying for Kuwait’s International Driving License. You can order it online on their website and it cost 10 KD for 1 year, which is a lot. If you ask for delivery then it will be 13 KD since delivery cost 3 KD. I personally order my International Driving License from an international website and you can get up to 10 years. The website is called idlid and the prices is as the following

Book & Plastic Card for 7.5 KD (Additional card cost 3 KD)

Book & Mag Stripe Plastic Card for 10.75 KD (Additional card cost 4.5 KD)

Book & Gold Plastic Card With Chip for 24 KD (Additional card cost 15 KD)

The above prices doesn’t factor in the shipping. The shipping cost 10 KD for 2-4 weeks delivery and it cost 41.7 KD for 3-6 days delivery. The beauty about idlid is that the cost of 1,3,5, and 10 years validity is all the same.

The license was used to rent a car in Spain without any issue, so it works perfectly.


Maxed Out Macbook Pro 16″ Price in Kuwait

I was curious to know the price of the Maxed out Macbook Pro 16″ in Kuwait since it is the most expensive laptop at Apple. The specs is the following.

  • Apple M1 Max chip with 10-core CPU, 32-core GPU, and 16-core Neural Engine
  • 64GB unified memory
  • 8TB SSD storage
  • 16-inch Liquid Retina XDR display
  • Three Thunderbolt 4 ports, HDMI port, SDXC card slot, MagSafe 3 port
  • 140W USB-C Power Adapter
  • Backlit Magic Keyboard with Touch ID – US English / Arabic
The price in the US is $6,099 which is equal to 1,870 KD. If you factor in shipping and customs the difference will be around 200 KD. I went to Gait in Assima Tower and the price was 2,176 KD. I started to be afraid to order from the US after one of my laptops was lost or stolen in a shipment and I couldn’t get my money back. Buying in Kuwait is safer than a forwarding address, but it comes at a cost.