Swiitch – Sell Your Phone At Amazing Prices While Being At Home

Every year I go to Sharq to sell old phones that belongs to me and my family. I usually walk in every single store to check the price for every single phone. I sell all the phones to the store that offer the highest value. The process is so time consuming and annoying, and I know for a fact that they offer very low prices compared to the trade in values I see in the US and other countries. Since I have no option, I end up selling even though I know that I can sell it for more, but when I consider the shipping cost to the US, it isn’t worth it. Now it is no longer the case where I found Swiitch app and it is so easy and convenient.

The process goes as follows:-

1- Download the Swiitch app on iOS / Android

2- Choose the phone you want to sell

3- You will see a price estimate if you have everything and if it is in perfect condition.

4- Uncheck anything that doesn’t apply

5- You will receive a message to confirm the order via Whatsapp

6- Send the address and location

7- Someone will come to your home to check the phone to match the condition you submitted

8- They will take a picture of your Civil ID and let you sign the contract on their phone

9- Lastly they will ask you to send a payment link and they will pay immediately

It was such an easy, fast, and smooth experience. I told my friends and family already, and a family member of mine sold her phone 2 hours after I sold mine. She told me that was the most convenient experience, especially that she doesn’t like to go to the stores in Sharq or Hawali.

Try Swiitch App now and let me know what you think in the comments.


Emirates Delivers The Mail Forwarding Service By Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines decided to jump on board to complete with MyUS, Aramex Shop & Ship, and Postshipper. The service is called Emirates Delivers and the service was launched few days ago. They promising to have an edge over the competitors due to their infrastructure advantage. Emirates Delivers will have the lowest prices and the fastest shipping possible due to Emirates Airlines massive fleet and daily flights across the world. They are promising 3-5 business days for deliveries from the US or UK. Free storage will be for 30 days, which isn’t much for me since I am getting 60 days at Postshipper. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I will give it a try and see if it is better than Postshipper or not, because so far I am very happy with Postshipper. Once I try it, I will post a review of the service.

Official Playstation Store is Opening in Assima Mall in Kuwait

The official Playstation store is opening in Assima Mall in the 2nd floor. I was wondering how come Playstation is opening their own store, but it seemed that it is Game Store, the company that owns the rights for Playstation in Kuwait that is opening this store. I think this is a great move, and I hope they sell Playstation Gear products which I usually buy from the US. Buying Playstation Gear products were easy when I was living in the US, but now I struggle because they don’t ship their products to companies like MyUS or Postshipper. The coolest products in my opinion are the collectable ones and the watches. I liked the limited edition watches for Nathan Drake from Uncharted and Joel from Last of Us.

Anker Prime – New Generation of Power Banks

I always travel with my Anker 737 Power Bank. At 24K mAh, I cover everything I need from an extra charge for my laptop to my phone. Few weeks ago I was traveling on Lufthansa, and apparently, the 24K mAh requires an approval, because their maximum is 20K. Few other airlines have the same exact rule, so it isn’t convenient for me. I didn’t want to change the cool Anker 737 Power Bank because it charges up to 140W and it has a screen that shows the input and output wattage per slot. Now things have changed when Anker released their new power banks that are even more powerful and charges up to 250W. This is the 3 new Anker prime power banks.

The one I went with is the 200W one so I can travel freely without worrying. Even though I am going for a smaller power bank, I can live with it when it comes to travel. In Kuwait, I have to get the larger one which is 27,650 mAh, because I need more charge, so I will order the largest one from Amazon later on. I am not sure when they will be released in Kuwait, so I am not sure if I can wait until then. To know more about the new prime power banks, check the below table.

Anker Prime 250-watt Power Bank

250W 2 USB-C 1 USB-A $179.99

Anker Prime 200-watt Power Bank

200W 2 USB-C 1 USB-A $129.99

Anker Prime 130-watt Power Bank

130W 2 USB-C


Review : Starlink Satellite Internet by SpaceX

I have been using Starlink by SpaceX for the past 2 weeks, and I am very happy with the product. I was suffering big time from the internet in Scotland, because I was using 5G internet. Fiber optics is the best solution and I can get 1GB, but I don’t need yearly commitment, so I was stuck with the 4G internet. The speeds I was getting were so bad where I have to wait for everyone to sleep so I can upload some files to my Dropbox and the maximum speed is 20 MB. The usual speed is 1.5 to 7 MB which is still not sufficient for my use. I remembered Starlink and that it could be a solution, because it is flexible and I can pause the plan anytime I want. For the residential plan the price was very attractive and the device cost 450 GBP and the internet service cost 75 GBP per month. When I added everything to cart it said that it will take 2-3 weeks, so I was OK with that. I submitted the order and in 2 days I received it, and that was really impressive. I was surprised that the package was much smaller than what I had in mind, and the setup was so simple. In the package there is a very small satalite and a router, and it took me 30 minutes to setup the entire thing. Now I am enjoying speeds from 18 MB to 235 MB, and most of the time I get about 80 MB. It is much better than the previous average of 4 MB. I am very happy with my experience with Starlink and I see it as the future of internet.

EPIC The New Puffs by Drops

Today I tried a very unique product that is very new and I consider it a must try. EPIC puffs by Drops and it is developed by Cruncho, which is the company behind Pro Life Pro Puffs. The cheese one was really good, but the really impressive one that I will buy all the time is the sweet corn. The sweet corn taste exactly like the Pop Pop sweet corn that comes in golden foil and it comes with 3 big pieces. These days I see it mostly in Gargean events but not on daily basis like back in the day. You can see the picture below

I am seeing more innovation that ever in Kuwait when it comes to products development. Hectare’s, Pro life, Oda, and more are very innovative and cool products. Epic should be available very soon or already is in places that I am not aware of. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Google Pixel 6 & 7 Pro Finally Get VoLTE for Zain in Kuwait

I have been a huge fan of Google Pixel, but I stopped using them because they didn’t support VoLTE and 5G in Kuwait. I decided to switch to Samsung Z Fold because of that and now I got used to the Fold. After one of the recent updates, Google is officially supporting VoLTE for Zain. I haven’t tried STC yet, so I am not sure, but Ooredoo doesn’t support it so far. I hope Ooredoo support the Pixel it in the end, I would love to switch to Google Pixel Fold, but I am not convinced yet because of the thick bezels. My current issues with Samsung Fold is that it no longer open 180 degrees, and that happened with me twice so far. The hinges are not very durable because I have a thick cover, yet the phone hinges get damaged after small drops. I will wait to check out Z Fold 5, and see if I should upgrade or not.

Vessi | Amazing Waterproof Shoes

I wrote about Vessi shoes last time I wrote an article about QYNDA, but I never went into details. I bought Vessi shoes about a month ago, and I am impressed how amazing the shoes are. Of course it was difficult to switch from my favorite Nike, Puma, and Adidas shoes, but I still gave it a shot because it was 100% waterproof. I didn’t know about Vessi until I saw it on one of the tech Youtube channels. When I went to their site, I saw very nice designs, so I chose two of them. I tried to ship directly to Kuwait, but this option wasn’t available which is very sad. I ended up shipping it to my Postshipper address, and then I got it in Kuwait. Now I have been using them for a while, and I love them. The shoes are light, breathable, and 100% waterproof. It is everything I have ever wanted in a single product. I am telling friends and family about it and they really want to try them out. I really wish they ship directly to Kuwait because that will make my life much easier.

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Playstation VR2 Low Sales Might Lead To a Similar Fate of The Playstation Vita

I read a report from Bloomberg mentioning that Playstation VR2 has very low sales of about 300K units up until now. I honestly was expecting it, because everyone I know including myself stopped using the first VR after few times only. It was a nice experience, but then there wasn’t much to do. When preorders went live for PS VR2 in Kuwait, I didn’t see much interest and none of the stores sold out. The price tag is higher than the console itself, which made a lot of people lose interest. Few of my friends bought it, but majority weren’t interested at all. Now what worries me the most is the usual cycle of the end of a device or console.

Low Hardware Sales   --> Game Developers Lose Interest in Developing Games --> Scraping AAA Titles --> The End of The Device

I believe to increase sales they need to have a better price and have lots of games in development including AAA games. I have seen it during Nintendo 3DS times were people thought it was the end, but it was’t. They dropped the price and developed tons of amazing games. It made people want to buy the device where Playstation dropped the support of the PS Vita immediately back then.

I still think Playstation should have developed a new Playstation Portable that competes with Steam Deck, but learn from their past mistakes. I mentioned how they can do it in a previous article.

5 Improvements Google Pixel Phones Need As Soon As Possible

I have been a Google Pixel fan for a very long time. I started using Nexus phones from the Nexus 4, and went up to Google Pixel 7 Pro. Every release I hope Google fix few things that will definitely improve sales, but sadly they never did and I don’t think they will anytime soon. These are the things that they need to fix

  1. VoLTE in the Middle East: Until today, this was never turned on, and people in the Middle East have been asking for it in the forums for many years. Among my friends and family, we are all struggling with Google Pixel phones for not having VoLTE, and this is a very important feature. The sad thing is that some people are turning using the root access
  2. Airdrop: I need a feature like Apple Airdrop to easily move files between my Pixel phone to my PC or Mac. This will make my life much easier, and I never liked any of the 3rd party apps
  3. Ease of Transfer: I personally prefer the way when iPhone users transfer their data from one iPhone to another because they continue exactly where they left of. All apps and settings are exactly the same, and Android should do it the same exact way.
  4. Availability in the region: The Google Pixel lineup and parts should be available everywhere, because right now it is hard to buy and hard to repair. Few times I sent my Google Pixel phones to the US for repair. Last time I bought a new screen and fixed it in Kuwait, but i had to wait a long time for the screen to arrive.
  5. Value: The Google Pixel should be like Toyota cars where it retains value. The iPhone retain value in a an impressive way where the price barely drops compared to Android. My last experience was when I bought Samsung Z Fold 2 for more than 600 KD, and in less than 2 years, no one wants to buy it for more than 100 KD. I don’t mind a price drop, but not that much.

The above items people have asked for aren’t new, and people have asked for a very long time. I don’t mind if Google start with #1 ASAP and do the rest later.