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Porter Express | Best Delivery Courier Company in Kuwait

There are tons of delivery companies in Kuwait, but you see a lot of them come and go. For businesses, it is easier to deal with an established company rather than someone new to the market. This is an issue that we personally faced where we used to search for the cheapest rate, and usually these companies are newly established. We sign with them and they work for few months and what happens is either they increase prices for realizing that they aren’t making money or they go out of business. Porter Express is one of the very first local courier companies established in Kuwait. They have improved a lot especially after the new management joined and they took things to the next level. Right now they are focused on large companies, but they also accept small businesses that have 15+ deliveries per day.

The other reason of Porter Express constant improvement is because they work with the international delivery companies. These companies have a very high standards. They won’t accept working with amateurs who aren’t taking the business seriously. I was surprised to see some delivery companies in Kuwait that has two to three drivers only, and these drivers work at the owners home. I don’t call that part-time work a delivery company. Now with the Corona virus, there is a surge in demand for all delivery companies in Kuwait. The big companies will only work with professional companies in Kuwait, which I can count with my fingers.

The latest service they offer is inventory where they store products within their warehouse and they handle delivery. It makes it much easier for businesses so they don’t have to worry about pick ups.



A Store Kuwait | Portable Power Banks

I finally found a website to purchase portable power banks in Kuwait. I usually buy either Anker o Aukey portable power banks, because I believe they are the best in the market. Especially the ones with Quick Charge 3.0 to charge my phone faster than usual. A Store is a website that sells mobile accessories, power banks, and more. The pricing is great, and it is much cheaper than other stores in Kuwait. I just ordered 2 power banks, 1 from Anker, and the other is from Aukey.

Website :

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Hectare’s Chips in Kuwait

I don’t usually eat a lot of chips, but when I do buy, I always go for Terra chips. There is a new company now that sells very high quality chips and popcorn based in Kuwait. My new favorite chips are Hectare’s Sweet Chili & Red Pepper  and Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar . The brand looks European, and the packaging is very clean and simple, and they are trying to use the best ingredients possible. They are frying the chips of sunflower oil instead of the other cheaper oils such as palm oil. They are also using nitrogen to fill the bags to give the fresh smell and taste once you open the bag. Try Hectare’s out and let me know what you think.

Factory Tours


Check out Ryukers lists for all E Commerce Websites & Apps in Kuwait / E Services Websites & Apps in Kuwait

Omnicharge : The Power Bank For My Magsafe 2 Macbook Pro

I finally found the portable power bank for Magsafe 2 in my Macbook Pro. The beauty about the Omnicharge 20 is that i can charge my Macbook Pro, and from the reviews on Amazon, it seems that people loved the Omnicharge 20. I usually use power banks to charge my kindle, phone, Nintendo Switch, and tablet. The only device that has been missing has always been my Macbook Pro. I tried a device in the past called Ravpower 2700 mAh, and sadly I shipped it from the US, and when it arrived, it didn’t even work at all. I was really disappointed, and when I read more reviews in the comment section, I realized that people faces the same exact issue. From my research, I heard Chargetech and Omnicharge does the best job, but so far I haven’t tried any. My friends are using Anker PowerHouse, and they love it, but it is too big to carry around.


Omnicharge 20

Boccini | Best Tiramisu Cake in Kuwait

I finally found an amazing Tiramisu cake in Kuwait. Most of the times when you look for a cake, you try to find it at different bakeries, which was the case with me. I never expected to find the best tiramisu cake in an Italian restaurant in the avenues. Few days ago I was at the avenues, and I felt like to eat my very favorite nachos at Boccini restaurant, which is a must try by the way. I finished eating and the waiter suggested that I try their tiramisu, and I didn’t mind at all since I had room in my stomach. I tried it and it was perfect !!, then I got 2 more to go. When we tried the second day, it didn’t taste the same, so make sure to eat it in the restaurant, and you will go every time you crave an amazing cake.

Boccini Instagram :

Locations: Avenues


The Hook | A Real Boxing Gym in Kuwait

Boxing and Muay Thai are my favorite sports even thought I go once every blue moon, but when i do so I enjoy it all the way. I was doing boxing when I was living in California for few years, and when I came back to Kuwait. I didn’t find a real boxing gym, which was really disappointing. Then luckily The Hook Boxing Gym opened in Kuwait, and I joined for 10 months total. I really enjoyed training with the legendary Art “One Glove” Jimmerson, he created an amazing environment. The one who pushed me beyond my limits is the amazing couch Mahmoud. The Gym is also kids friendly, and my relatives are sending their kids to train and they are really enjoying training with couch Mahmoud.


Instagram :

Phone:  9884 4409

Pro Gaming | Video Games Website in Kuwait

I have always been a video gamer, and I constantly buy PS4 & Nintendo video games to play in my free time. I also have a big collection of figurines, some are extremely rare by now and their prices went up 300-500%. I always buy video games and figurines from my very favorite website Pro Gaming . They also have an instagram page for those who doesn’t know how to order from a website. The last game I bought was Shadow of War, and it was totally worth it. I really enjoyed that game, and it was as good as Shadow of Mordor.

Pro Gaming Website:

Pro Gaming Instagram:


Apps That Made Our Lives Easier in Kuwait

I use Carriage and Talabat on daily basis and for groceries, I always use TONS App. It is the App that has the best user experience and user interface in the entire MENA region. Check out the force touch shopping where you can hold a product with your finger, and then slide up or down to increase or decrease the quantity of the product.

Check the full list Below !


Learn How To Draw

I have been trying to draw for a while, but I don’t have the skills at all. A while ago I bought a book called “You Can Draw in 30 Days”, I have improved since then, but I need much more practice. I also watched a video that motivated me by Miro. Watch the video and if you want to learn how to draw, the secret is to keep practicing.

Watch the Video Below !