Monthly Archives: January 2018

Eureka Offers

Eureka offers great deals on their instagram account. So far I bought 2 TV’s from Samsung at really great deals. The first one was a 55″ Samsung TV, and the other is a 65″ TV. Both TV’s are LED, and the graphics for both are really impressive. Check out the instagram page for Eureka and let me know what is your favorite offer.

Posta Plus – MyBox

I have been ordering electronics online since 2004 and my main mail forwarding service was Aramex. A decade later I switched to MyUS, and the service has always been amazing, but it is extremely expensive. My most recent switch is to Posta Plus – MyBox. The reason I prefer Posta Plus is very simple, it is much more convenient than the rest. I no longer have to wait at home just to pay the customs fees. Now I just login online at Posta Plus website, and then pay using Knet. The other reason is the price which is very fair, and from my own experience, the service is really good. I do see people complaining online, but so far i haven’t faced any issue so far. I also tried edfa3ly, but I never liked their service, and it is very slow to get the packages.


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