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Peacock | What To Order in The Best Restaurant in Kuwait

Peacock has been Kuwait best restaurant for more than 2 decades. It is by far the tastiest restaurant in Kuwait, and nothing so far competes with it. I know a lot of people who went to Peacock, but they didn’t like the food. The main issue is that they have no clue what to order, and they don’t ask for the waiter’s recommendation. I will start listing the best items in Peacock, and you will definitely like it.

First they serve saw cashew nuts with 2 sauces.

Two appetizers that must be ordered

1- Chicken Wings, this is by far my favorite dish. The sauce tastes amazing and the chicken is tender from the inside and a little crunchy from the outside.

2- Shrimp on Toast. Add few drops of Soya Sauce and it will taste better.

Now when it comes to main courses, order the following.

1- Chicken Lemon.

2- Peking Duck. You get the special sauce, the bread, cucumber, and the duck. You make it into a small wrap and eat it.

3- Chinese Steak. Ask for it to be as tender as possible, I usually get it medium.


Some of the food is preferred to be eaten with either fried rice or steam rice.

Try Peacock at Radison Sas, and let me know what you think. I really believe that it is the best restaurant in Kuwait. Make a reservation today and keep me updated.

Peacock Phone Number: +965 25756000

Nest Cam – Simple Yet Limited

Nest is one of my very favorite companies, because of simplicity and user-friendliness. I started to use Nest when I first installed Nest thermostat to control via their app. Then I ended up needing to install cameras in both of my homes, so under my account there are 2 homes. A friend of mine saw what I have at home and asked me if he can use it for all his restaurants. I thought it was possible, but he wasn’t so sure. He talked to Nest customer service, and sadly they limit each account to 2 places where you can install the cameras. Meaning if I buy a third house, I won’t be able to add it to my Nest account because I already have 2 homes. Sadly small businesses would have benefited from Nest because they can install Nest cam in each branch or store.

Nest should capitalize on small businesses, because small businesses want to use Nest cam due to the simplicity of the product. If Nest don’t take an action, another company will. Amazon Ring might be a competitor, so there will be a first mover advantage.

God of War 4 Review

Two months ago, I played a really amazing game on PS4 called God of War 4. I spent around 3 weeks playing the game and I can say it is one of the best games ever. Santa Monica studio is an impressive studio, and it is considered one of the main assets for Sony. When I saw the trailer of God of War 4, I was impressed with the graphics and the acting. The clever part is that Sony didn’t show much of the game, so I had no clue what I was getting into. They did set expectations lower than what they delivered and that was a genius move. When I finished the game, I tried so hard to beat the Valkyries and it took me few days to beat them all. One day I played more than 8 hours just to beat the Queen Valkyrie.

I wanted to buy the collector’s edition from my very favorite video game store in Kuwait which is ProGaming. Sadly I didn’t expect the collector’s edition to sell out very fast. Now I constantly check Pro Gaming website which is to see what other collector’s edition games they have.

Lets see what will I play during this summer.

What Will Happen To Real Estate After The Summer

Everyone is wondering what will happen to the real estate market in Kuwait after this summer. People in Kuwait are worried that a lot of expats are leaving Kuwait for good. Most of those who are leaving for good were either laid off from the government or from private companies. The rest can’t afford to stay in Kuwait anymore, because it is getting extremely expensive. A lot of those people said that their kids school tuition is ridiculous and having their kids go back to their homes will save them so much. I don’t blame expats for leaving Kuwait, and I understand how expensive Kuwait became the past 2 years. The government increased the prices of gas, electricity, water, and medical fees. Kuwait is at a stage where they need the additional income due to the low oil prices for the past 3-4 years. I believe rents will be lower in residential towers, so after the summer will be a great time to negotiate. Even in commercial towers you see vacancy increasing, but landlords don’t want to lower prices. You see companies leaving their offices in Kuwait City, but the landlord doesn’t want to drop their rent prices. They would rather keep the office empty for a whole year or more, and not lower their pricing and have someone rent it. I realized that landlords in Kuwait have so much ego and most of them aren’t logical at all. Even the listed companies operates the same exact way. I can’t believe that they would rather satisfy their ego rather than the shareholders.

“Prices will continue to drop and expats should negotiate their rents and get better deals because vacancy is increasing and will continue to increase.”