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Hectare’s | Setting A New Standard in Kuwait’s Industry

Hectare’s has been innovating like crazy. When they first released their product, it set a total new standard in Kuwait. I personally didn’t know what will come next, and since it is a new company, I wasn’t sure what they will do next. Usually the companies in Kuwait, they launch a product and then have the same products for decades. That wasn’t the case with Hectare’s where they released their first set of chips and popcorn products then few months later they released the pack of 6. I haven’t seen such thing before, so it was really amazing. Now they came up with a new flavor, the Malt Vinegar. I can’t wait to try it out and I heard that there are other products that will disrupt the industry because of their uniqueness. Quality, taste, and innovation is what Hectare’s is delivering to the industry.

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Anker & AmazonBasics | The Best Charging Cables Ever

Whether you are looking for USB C, Lightning, or Micro USB charging cables. Anker and AmazonBasics create the most durable ones. It all happened by coincidence in the past where I used to buy every cable for my iphone for $20 from Apple Store. I remember one day I spent more than $80 just to have cables all over the place. The problem with Apple’s charging cables is that they always peel, even my macbook charger has been peeling until now. My cousin told to buy Anker Powerline + cable I wanted a charging cable that is extremely durable. I ordered one, and I can’t believe that their material is extremely durable. It never peeled even when I left it in my car during the summer in OC. None of the Anker cables I bought stopped working, and same thing goes to AmazonBasics. I love amazon products, and when I tried them, I realized that they are as durable. Once you try AmazonBasics or Anker, you will never go back to buy the original cables from any company.

Dairy Queen | Impressive Soft Serve Ice Cream

This is something I personally didn’t know about, but it seems my family do. Few days ago, I was searching for an amazing soft serve ice cream to eat for dessert. I am personally used to eat soft serve ice cream at Mcdonald’s, which I still like a lot. I was told to try Whipped few months ago, but when I ordered it, I wasn’t very happy due to the color of their ice cream. They use blue color for their vanilla ice cream, which I didn’t like, because I wasn’t to avoid food color. The taste is great, and they have great toppings. My brother told me to go try Dairy Queen and it has been my family’s favorite for a very long time. I didn’t know much about it, because I was young when their branch was in Abdullah Alsalem back in the day. I have vague memories of them serving a banana split with ice cream. The day I tried Dairy Queen soft serve, I realized that it is one of the best soft serves I’ve had in my life. It is colder and harder than the the usual soft serves from other stores. I enjoyed every bite of it, and from now on I rank Dairy Queen soft serve in my top 3 list for soft serves in Kuwait.