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Ajeen | Best Bakery For Fatayer Pastries in Kuwait for 2019

I love eating fatayer for breakfast, and for a long time. My very favorite fatayer bakery was Swiss Corner in Dahia Abdullah Alsalem, but sadly they closed down few months ago. I heard of Simsim, but for me it was good, but now wow. I was searching for the next wow fatayer bakery in Kuwait, and today I found the one. Finding Ajeen bakery was like finding a gold mine and today was my first time trying Ajeen. I ordered Zataar, labneh, Akaawi, and pizza. The beauty about Ajeen is that their fatayer is very light on the stomach, and it is thin and tasty. My very favorite one was the pizza, Akaawi, and then the Labneh. The location of Ajeen is a prime location, and it is located in Fatoosh at Faiha Co-op. I highly recommend trying Ajeen, and trust me, you will never be disappointed because it is the best fatayer pastries in Kuwait.

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Solution To Mac Bootcamp Being Stuck at Downloading Windows Support Software

I have a 2014 Mac Mini, which i recently upgraded the HDD hard drive to both OWC Aura Pro X2 from Macsales and a Sandisk SSD from Amazon. I tried to install Windows 10 using Bootcamp, but I was getting stuck at Downloading Windows Support Software. I left it for a day, but nothing happened. I tried the process 4 more times using different flash drives, but it still didn’t work. I tried a factory reset, and tried the process again, but still I was getting stuck at the same place. My solution was to download Windows Support Software on USB using my Macbook Pro, which is a different device than the one I was trying to install Windows on. It was installed on the flash drive perfectly, then I inserted the flash drive into my Mac Mini and as soon as I turned on. I clicked the option button on the keyboard, and selected Windows from the flash drive. The installation started and I installed Windows on Sandisk SSD and I left the Mac OSX on OWC Aura Pro X2. Now as soon as I start my Mac Mini, I have the option to use Windows or Mac and each on a different hard drive.

Postshipper is MyUS Replacement At Cheaper Prices

Back in early 2000, I used to shop with Aramex Shop & Ship, then I switched to MyUS in 2015. The impressive thing about My US is that their website is advanced and simple to use. The only problem is their pricing, which is always very expensive. I had the 30% discount with American Express back and it was still very expensive. The problem that there was a subscription fee, setup fee, and shipping was too expensive. Both setup and subscription for 2 years were waived for me as an American Express card holder. Their consolidation feature was really impressive, because I used to order lots of stuff and ship them all at once. The main problem was that the shipping options are expensive, but the worst part was the additional money I pay for customs when the packages arrives to my home. Each time it is a different amount, and they ask for cash, which I don’t usually have. I wanted an easier option where I can pay online, but that wasn’t the case back then.

When I discovered Posta Plus MyBox, I was really happy, because I no longer worry about shipping cost and unexpected customs fee. MyBox is impressive, because it is really inexpensive. The only issue I face with them is that their website where I can’t consolidate easily, and If I do. They still ship them at different times from the US, so I don’t really get it. Their website is very basic and they need to invest more money into it to be very efficient. The beauty of MyBox is that I pay all my shipping fees and customs online before delivery, so it is extremely convenient. I wish they have an option to pay by PayPal, but so far it is only Knet and Credit Cards

The new player is Postshipper, which is really impressive overall. I really like their website, it is so detailed and advanced. They invested heavily into the website where they show every package with a picture and 45 days timer to know until when each package can be stored. Having such features, I expected to pay subscription fee, but it isn’t the case, it is completely free.

On Prime Day, I bought lots of stuff from Amazon, because of the amazing deals I found. Got the Fire TV for $15, and a bundle of Fire TV and Amazon Echo Dot for $12. The HDMI Switched for $4.5, and most of these stuff I won’t use anytime soon. I guess I bought them because I found them on a great deal. Above you can see the picture of each item and a timer of the remaining days for storage.

The picture above shows you the pricing for all the above items, and I was really happy to see PayPal as an option, because I use it all the time. The pricing is really inexpensive, and you don’t have to worry about anything after that payment. It will be delivered right to your home in a very nice package.

I highly recommend using Postshipper and give it a chance especially if you used MyUS, Aramex Shop & Ship, or MyBox Posta Plus before. You can find coupon discounts on shipments if you check their instagram posts.

I would say Postshipper is a combination of the main advantage of MyUS, which is an advanced and simple website, and the main advantage of Posta Plus MyBox, which is pricing.

Advanced Website + Inexpensive Pricing = Postshipper



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Inserting 4G Chip In New Router Give Much Higher Speeds

OK this might sound crazy, but I personally tested this glitch and I got 5G speeds at 4G prices. It started with my genius cousin who enjoy experimenting with technology. He subscribed to 5G speed the day it came out, and he was doing various testing with the router in terms of download and upload speeds. He wanted to know what exactly gets us the 5G speed, so is it the sim card subscription, or the router. Out of curiosity he did a speed test with his 5G router and 5G sim card then he inserted his 4G sim card into his 5G router. The surprise was that he got the same exact speeds. Imagine he was paying for 4G plans which is so cheap and he was getting 5G speeds during his test. The thing that is getting us 5G speeds is the router, which I personally believe is a glitch by the telecom companies in Kuwait. Especially that this router is being sold online whether in Kuwait or overseas, so anyone can get 5G speeds without the subscription, which isn’t right.

This glitch might be abused by some users and therefor we decided to write an article and contact all telecom companies in Kuwait, which are Zain, Viva, and Ooredoo to let them know about the issue so they can fix it ASAP and avoid losing millions of dollars.

Got a comment from Saud Almesri & ITGUY and both are right. The speeds is lower on 4G chip than 5G chip. The speeds we got from old router to new router is 15 MB and 289.9 MB respectively. I apologize for the mistake and thanks to both Saud Almesri & ITGUY for pointing out the mistake

Buying Computer Hardware From Amazon Vs Kuwait’s Suppliers

Around 10 years ago, I used to buy all my computer hardware from Silicon Valley in Hawally (Bin Khaldoun St). I remember when I used to go from one store to another to find the lowest price possible. I used to go at least once every 1-2 weeks to see or buy the latest PC hardware. I bought a lot of computers from Hawally whether for myself, friends, or family. Now it is no longer the case, because I buy everything directly from Almost all the time, I find things cheaper to buy from Amazon Vs the stores in Kuwait, this is including shipping and customs. Most of the time, I use direct shipping to Kuwait whenever it is possible. It is really fast and doesn’t cost much.

It is very very rare to see an item cheaper in Kuwait Vs the US, and sometimes I do find things to cost the same if I am ordering 1 item only. So what I do is order more than 1 item, because shipping mostly cost the same.

I have been buying SSD Hard drives for the company laptops, and I compared a lot of stores in Kuwait Vs, but Amazon has always been cheaper. Now about 85% of my purchases whether for the company or myself is through Amazon.

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How To Upgrade Unsupported Mac Macbook iMac To Windows 10

I was trying to install Windows 10 on my Macbook Air Mid 2011 model, which doesn’t support Windows 10 installation. I was successful to upgrade to Mac OS Sierra, and then I used Boot Camp. The options I was given is to install either Windows 7 or Windows 8. Luckily I own Windows 8, so I installed Windows 8 and then I went to Microsoft website and installed Media Creation Tool, which upgraded Windows 8 to Windows 10. One problem though, which is Blue Screen of Death right after I install Boot Camp Drivers. I tried the process 4 times, but it all resulted in Blue Screen of Death.

I found out later on that I was upgrading to 1903 Windows 10, which is the latest version. This version is conflicting with Boot Camp Drivers resulting in Blue Screen of Death right after Boot Camp Drivers installation.


Installing an older version of Windows 10. I installed 1809 Windows 10, and it worked perfectly without any issue.

Abdul Mutalib The Genius in Kuwait Who Fix & Repair The Impossible

At the company where I work at, we have an Asus F510UA that was completely damaged. The keyboard wasn’t functioning well, and it was giving wrong commands. For example when we click enter, it becomes space. We took it to multiple stores in Hawalli, but no one knew how to fix it. One person told us to order a new keyboard, and that should solve the issue. We ordered the keyboard, and we took it from one store to the other, but no one was able to fix it. The laptop was built in a very complex way, so it was challenging for anyone to fix it. My coworker always talk about a person who fixes anything from (PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Laptop, Smart Phone, iPhone, Android Phones, PC, Mac, Macbook, iMac, Tablets, Xbox, RAM, Hard Drives, SSD, Motherboards…etc). His name is Abdul Mutalib and his store is at the basement close to the restaurant in Alrehab Complex.

When I arrived at Alrehab, I was asking the stores where to find Abdul Mutalib Store, they all knew where he works. When I asked them about the name of the store, surprisingly no one knew it. I arrived at the store and the name of the store where Abdul Mutalib works is Workshop. I gave him the laptop and the new keyboard, and he opened the laptop so fast. He was confident that he will fix it, and an hour or so later. He called me and told me that there is a piece of plastic that is locking the keyboard, so if he fixes the laptop it won’t be like when the laptop was manufactured. I decided to proceed and an hour later the laptop was fully ready. Abdul Mutalib soldered the keys and he tested every single key on the keyboard. He made sure that his work is 100% perfect, and after I tested it. It was perfect in every aspect, so when it came to payment. I decided not to negotiate at all, because Abdul Mutalib is a very straight forward person. Whatever is the price, I will stick to it. His prices are very reasonable.

The next day I brought my colorware retro PS4, which was making very loud jet sound. The fan was very very loud that I can’t even focus on the game. Abdul Mutalib knew immediately that the issue was from the thermal paste drying up, heat sink connection, and fan being dusty. He took the PS4 apart and he fixed it all the way. It feels like a brand new machine and I can finally play Red Dead Redemption 2.

I am already telling everyone I know about Abdul Mutalib to fix any device. Now I fixed my laptop and my PS4, and next will be my wife’s cousin Thinkpad laptop which is showing blue screen of death all the time.

Abdul Mutalib Address: Hawally, Tunis Street, Rehab Complex, Basement Shop No: 603

Phone: 94936220


Instagram Account: shop_change_603_


Why Are Telecom Companies Dropping 5G Internet Prices in Kuwait ?

When I heard that 5G can reach crazy speeds like 200 to 800 MB, I decided to go for it as soon as it releases. I assumed I just have to buy the 5G router and I will immediately have it, but that wasn’t the case. I have to pay for a new package, which cost much more than 4G. I understand that telecom companies have to pay a lot for the new infrastructure, so it is their right to charge more for the service. I was sure to go for 5G as soon as it releases, but when I saw the pricing, I decided to wait. 24 hours later, the prices were kind of decreased or the capacity was adjusted to reflect lower prices. I will eventually upgrade even at these prices, but I am observing at this stage, because almost everyone is waiting for lower prices in Kuwait. I see people on social media all the time saying if you don’t subscribe now and get locked for 2 years, they will lower prices. At the Duwaneya, my friends are saying the same thing. Almost everyone is waiting for lower prices, and they are sure that it will eventually happen. I am not sure what changed in Kuwait that people became very price cautious even those who can easily afford it. After seeing the prices just right now, it seems that people are right, because I am seeing lower prices and limited time offers for the time being.