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Terrible Replacement Battery For Macbook Pro 15 inch 2015 From iFixit

I recently replaced the battery for my 2015 Macbook Pro 15 inch. I bought the battery from iFixit which I totally regret, because it is a piece of trash. My battery after a usage of 4.5 years was about 2 hours, and after replacing the battery from iFixit I still get 2 hours. The problem is that the percentage stays at 80% or 70% for a while and suddenly drop to 7%. My previous battery never had this issue, so I paid $110 for a lower performance battery. Also when I close the lid, the battery doesn’t hold the charge at all. When I saw the reviews on iFixit website, I thought that I will be getting a great product. It wasn’t the case, and lesson learned.

I will never buy a battery from iFixit again.

Update: I finally found a perfect battery

Phones Resale Value in Kuwait

Few months ago, I decided to sell my Google Pixel 3 XL. I went to phone shops in Sharq Kuwait City, and I was really surprised that I got a low selling price from all the shops. All of the shops told me that they are only interested in buying Apple iPhones or Samsung phones. They are also interested in buying phones that has a warranty in Kuwait. Since I bought my phone from the US, it made it even less attractive. The problem is that I keep changing smartphone brands, and now I am using a OnePlus from the US. I loved OnePlus so much, but again I am worried about the resale value.

If you want a smartphone that holds value, then stick to Apple and Samsung.

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Replacing Macbook Pro 15″ Retina Battery 2015 By Myself From iFixit

After 4.5 years of using Macbook Pro 15″ Retina 2015, my battery started to drain really fast. It doesn’t last more than 1.5 hour. I decided to buy a new battery from and replace it myself. When I saw the process of 74 steps to replace the battery on I was worried that I won’t be able to do it myself. While reading the comments I found out that there is a much easier method to replace the battery. That method is so simple that anyone can do it. The process requires the following

1- Thread, Dental Floss, or Fishing Line

2- iFixit Adhesive Remover

3- Angled Tweezers

All you have to do is apply the adhesive remover around each battery and move the laptop so the adhesive goes under the battery. Use the thread with angled tweezers to have the thread goes under the battery. Hold each side of the thread on each hand and go back and forth until you cut the glue between the aluminium chassis and the battery.

Watch this video to know exactly what I did



One Plus is The Toyota of Smartphones

I have always thought of Toyota as the best brand for cars in terms of price, resale value, quality, and reliability. It is a car that you buy and no longer worry about any issue. When it comes to smartphones, I have tried all kind of phones. I have tried Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, HTC, Google, and One Plus. The one I was most comfortable with was Google Pixel until I tried One Plus. After trying One Plus, it reminded me of Toyota when it comes to the value I am getting

I saw a lot of common things between the brands such as Motorola, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, and HTC.  Google Pixel and One Plus are on a different level. I loved Google Pixel because of the pure Android, but I didn’t like the limited storage and price. Now I am using One Plus and I can’t believe such an amazing smartphone exist at this price point. I am loyal to One Plus, because of the following

Price & Specs: The price of One Plus smartphones is really perfect for the high end specs such as high storage (256 GB) and high RAM (8-12 GB)

Quality: The quality of One Plus phones is amazing both in hardware and software.

OS: One Plus OS is by far the greatest, and it really complete with pure Android.

Innovation & Design: One Plus were pioneers in having a full screen with pop up camera. I love their innovation

One Plus combined all the good stuff and packaged it into one smartphone at an amazing price. Try One Plus out and you will never buy another smartphone.

Retail Recession in Kuwait

Things haven’t been that good when it comes to retail in Kuwait. From stores in the avenues to the stores in Hawalli, the retail industry is changing big time. Last week, we had some goods at Kuwait customs and when we went there it wasn’t as busy as it used to be in the past. We asked around and the labor there were complaining that imports have decreased so much and it keeps decreasing. The trucks that transports goods were charging 25 KD per trip and now they are charging 10 KD only. I have discussed this issue with multiple business owners and they mostly blame the changes in the industry.

Al-Rehab Complex: Multiple business owners that I know very well complained how their customers changed the way they purchase video games. When it comes to software, they purchase online from Playstation Network, Nintendo eShop, Xbox Games Store. Even if someone wants the collector’s edition, they buy it from Amazon. The problem even the most loyal customers to Al-Rehab Complex stopped going there and they started to buy online. Buying directly from Amazon for collector’s edition games is cheaper than buying from Al-Rehab Complex.

The Avenues: The Avenues has the highest foot traffic in Kuwait, but for the past 2.5 years. You see constant sales going on. I am surprised to see Sales going on for that long, but it isn’t stopping at all and I don’t think it will stop anytime soon. Business owners are blaming the leave of expats families, reduction in purchase power, and purchasing online from stores overseas.

Ibn Khaldoun St: Even the silicon valley of Kuwait have been hit big time. I talked to multiple business owners and their main problem is that people are buying from Amazon. Of course people will buy from Amazon, they offer lower prices and very fast deliveries. I am getting my stuff within 3-4 days, which is extremely fast for a shipment coming from the US. The stores in Kuwait can’t compete with Amazon since Amazon have a very large economy of scale.
The trend will continue where retail will suffer and online purchases will increase. Retail recession has started few years ago, but lets see how 2020 goes.