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Nissan Patrol is The Best Car Deal I Have Seen in 2020

There are tons of offers at Kuwait car dealerships because of the Corona virus. I have seen offers from Maserati, Lincoln, Kia, Volkswagen, and Nissan. The best deals in my opinion were from Kia, Maserati, and Nissan. The best overall deal is Nissan Patrol which was offered at 14,999 KD. It comes in leather and it has front and back sensors. It comes with 5 years warranty and 4 years of service of 50,000 Kilometers. The reason I liked Nissan Patrol is because the car is one of the popular cars in Kuwait. It is a durable car and it holds value. Let me attach the details of the car I saw.

I was told that the deal is for June, but might be extended to July. I think the deal is very attractive, and it is a good time to buy a car if you need one.

Extremely High Demand For Nintendo Switch in Kuwait That Caused Increase in Prices

There is so much demand for video game consoles during the corona crisis. The highest demand is for Nintendo Switch and then Playstation 4. I am so surprised that Nintendo switch cost about $300 which is around 92 KD before the crisis. Now the world wide stock of Nintendo Switch is so low that caused increase in prices due to demand. Before the corona crisis, Nintendo Switch was selling for 115 KD in Kuwait, and sometimes 106 KD + a game. Now the cheapest price I found was 145 KD at AlFuhod and the most expensive is 169.9 at Xcite. I asked my friends who own stores in Rehab Comples about the reason that Nintendo Switch is selling out. They said parents need to keep their kids quite at this time since they are spending time with them much more than ever. Playstation 4 was at the end of cycle so it isn’t worth the investment right now and Playstation 5 is releasing at the end of the year.

Nintendo Switch Prices keep changing so check out these links to buy Nintendo Switch

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Where To Order Xbox Series X | S in Kuwait

This year is the most exciting year for video game consoles. The release of PS5 and Xbox Series X is making everyone wait for the end of year to arrive ASAP. The competition between Sony and Microsoft is getting much more intense. In 2013, the comparison was mostly about console power. In 2020 things have completely changed and it became about console exclusives. Now the question is where to pre-order Xbox Series X  | S in Kuwait. Both consoles will be sold through the same distributors in Kuwait

To pre-order through one of the local stores in Kuwait. The ones that will have Xbox Series X | S during release is the following

Xbox Series X: Xcite | Game Store | Geekay | Best Electronics | Eureka | Taw9eel

Xbox Series S: XciteGeekay | Eureka | Best Electronics | Blink

I will update the links to actual listings as soon as they are live, so stay posted.

Update 1:- Pre-order starts September 22, 2020 in the US and the release date will be November 10th, 2020. The pricing of Xbox X Series is $499.99 and Xbox S Series is $299.99

Update 2: Geekay will take Pre Orders on 22nd of September at 11 AM.

Update 3: All retailers have Xbox Series X Now. Eureka | Xcite | Best Electronics | Geekay

Update 4: All retailers are sold out of Xbox Series X but Series S is still available.


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Two Emergency Items That Needs To Be in Each Car in Kuwait

I always like to be prepared in case an emergency, especially with cars. There are lots of times that I was saved by my own emergency items, which I keep in the trunk of my car. From all the items that I bought in the past, two items saved me the most. Even though the chances of an emergency happening is less than 1-2%, it is still very important to have.

The first item is Fix a Flat, which fixes a flat tire by injecting foam into the tire and it will inflate it and seal it for 2 – 4 hours. The first time I used Fix a Flat was 2 years ago when I was in the farm until 3 AM. I was about to get into my car and saw the flat tire and the first thing that came to my mind was what am I going to do, because the spare tire is also flat. The farm is very far away from my home, and I didn’t want to leave my car at the farm and go back home with my brothers. I remembered that I always have Fix a Flat in the trunk of my car, so I took it and pumped the foam into the tire. The tire was inflated and sealed. I drove back home safely and fixed the flat tire the next day. You can buy Fix a Flat from Ace Hardware in Kuwait, which I highly recommend.

The second item is a car battery jump starter by NOCO sold by Garage Shuwaikh in Kuwait. The one I recommend is GB40, which is one of the smaller ones. I also recommend buying the case of GB40. NOCO GB40 has up to 20 charges, which means you can jump start 20 times. I have GB150, which is very large and I don’t think I needed something that big. I used my GB150 few days ago to jump start a family member car. Everyone who saw me jumping start the car with my GB150 decided to buy their own from Garage Shuwaikh. They all thought it was durable and much easier than connecting jump starting cables between two cars. I highly recommend buying NOCO products from Garage Shuwaikh

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Where To Order Playstation 5 (PS5) in Kuwait

The release of Sony Playstation 5 (PS5) this year will be totally different than previous years, because Sony PS5 will release globally at the same time. Now the big question is where to pre-order PS5 in Kuwait. I honestly don’t want to pay above market prices, which is something I used to do a lot back in the day. Going to Rehab Complex and seeing prices where they switch the original price in $ to KWD and still buy the product will never happen again. The first week of release usually have the highest prices then it drops gradually.

Pre-order through one of the local stores in Kuwait.

Playstation 5 Console in Kuwait:-

Playstation 5 Accessories in Kuwait:-

Xcite (Controller, Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera, Remote)

Best Electronics (Controller, Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera, Remote)

Eureka (Controller, Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera, Remote)

Geekay (Controller, Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera, Remote)

Game Store (Controller, Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera, Remote)

Games Q8 (Controller, Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera, Remote)

Switch (Controller, Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera, Remote)

Lulu Hypermarket (Controller, Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera, Remote)

Blink (Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera, Remote)

3Rood (Controller, Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera)

Mobile 2000 (Controller, Camera, Remote)

AlFuhod (Controller, Camera, Remote)

A Store (Controller, Camera, Remote)

Pricing for the Playstation 5 (PS5) was released and it will cost 166.9 KD for the one that comes with CD drive and 133.9 KD for the digital edition. The release date in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea will be November 12th, 2020. For the rest of the world including Kuwait & Europe will be November 19th, 2020.

Update: PS5 is selling out everywhere in minutes and sadly they released them before the promised dates. I was sleeping when they released in Amazon US. For Amazon UK, it should have been next week but sold out in the morning and it only lasted 6 minutes

Update 2: Eureka & Best Electronics just announced that they will have Playstation 5 on November 19th, 2020. Sadly no date for when to Pre Order yet. I think even in Kuwait it will sell out very fast, so be ready.

Update 3: Playstation 5 (PS5) official price has been revealed. The price for PS5 Disc Edition is 166.9 KD and The PS5 Digital Edition is 133.9 KD

Update 4: To increase you chances of Pre Ordering follow Xcite, Best Electronics, Eureka, and Gamestore on Instagram and turn on notifications, so you get notified when they post. PS5 supply will sell out very fast, so everyone must act fast.

Update 5: All retailers have PS5 Now. Eureka | Xcite | Best Electronics | Game Store | Geekay

Update 6: All suppliers are sold out online, I will monitor for restock.

Update 7: Eureka,  Geekay, and Xcite are accepting orders at their physical stores.

Update 8: Suppliers in Kuwait are prepaaring for round 2 for Pre Orders. I don’t know it will be, but they are talking to Sony about it. Also suppliers will have more Playstation (PS5) stock on Launch Day November 19th, 2020. There are suppliers who couldn’t do Pre Orders but they will have PS5 on launch day.

Update 9: You can register your interest for PS5 at Zain, STC, and Ooredoo. Not sure if they will release them on the date of release. AlFuhod mentioned that they will have it on day of release

Update 10: Xcite, Best, Eureka, Game Store. Geekay is the only one that haven’t restocked yet, so I think they will very soon.

Update 11: Game Store have PS5 in stock right now. Game Store (Disc Edition | Digital Edition).

Update 12: All retailers in Kuwait are sold out again.

Update 13: Retailers should have stock this Thursday November 19th which is the day of the release.

Update 14: Today is the day of release (November 19th), so PS5 most probably will be restocked by major retailers.

Update 15: There was no major release, only Blink released today and it sold out quickly

Update 16: I am monitoring all sites for restocking so follow me on Twitter and turn on post notification because I will tweet the moment they come back in stock.


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