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How To Save Money on Flights

Before I book any flight tickets, there are two websites I always check to find good deals. The main website I use is Google Flights and the reason I like Google Flights is because once I choose the dates I can see what dates I can change to save in both departure & return flights. For example I set the departure date on Oct 3rd, then I will see that the 2nd or 4th are much cheaper and it shows the exact price. I change the departure date, then I see the cost for each return date. I choose the lowest price one, because sometimes the saving is significant. Another reason why Google Flight is amazing, is because it will take you to airlines websites to book the ticket. The other websites will only show tickets that can be booked through their website. I once missed a very good deal, because I didn’t know that Saudia Airline doesn’t show their tickets on Expedia. There is another website I check just in case which is Skiplagged, which has similar function. I usually check both to be on the safe side.

Hanoverian Chocolate in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) | One of The Best Chocolates Ever

The company sent me to Saudi Arabia Riyadh to look for opportunities, because we believe that it will have the highest possible growth in the GCC for the upcoming years. One of the concepts that got our attention is Hanoverian, which is a very luxury chocolate store in Riyadh. The first picture you see is the amazing chocolate that I got addicted to. The chocolate is called Crepe Dulcey and it is very light and it has a very nice crunch to it. The packaging is extremely luxury and the chocolate box is covered with a luxury cloth bag. I haven’t seen such nice packaging before.

My brother’s friend was the one who sent it to us as a gift, and she told us that their products are extremely popular in KSA. I was able to go and buy for my family today. There was another type of chocolate that I tried at Hanoverian which is the truffle. You can find the truffle at their website. I liked the truffle as well but not as much as the Crepe Dulcey. If you ever visit Saudi Arabia Riyadh, then this chocolate is a must try. Both products were impressive, and I highly suggest everyone to try it out.

Check our their instagram page. Hanavorian

Update: You can now order Hanoverian in Kuwait. I just ordered from them.

Be By Woodex | Bukhour Wardrobe in Kuwait

This is one of the best products ever. At first I didn’t believe that the bukhour wardrobe will really work until I tried it. I didn’t believe that the smell will be on my dishdasha that much. Even when I left my dishdasha to the next day, the smell was still there. Bukhour Wardrobe was invented by Woodex few years ago when the founder talked to his friend who sells Oud and Bukhour. The idea came because the traditional method for using bukhour isn’t as effective. In my mind, I thought the traditional method is better, because this is what I grew up with. Using a different method is usually hard for me because I resist a new idea at first. Until I try and see with my own eyes then I start to believe. I saw that Woodex charge more than other places but when I saw the built quality, finishing, and the German accessories used. I knew why there is a price difference.

Woodex sells Bukhour Wardrobe online, and you can choose any color to buy.

Trachisan | The Best Sore Throat Gargle Ever

There is this magical sore throat gargle called Trachisan, and I consider it the best sore throat medicine ever. When I was in the US, I was using Chloraseptic spray which I considered the best for a long time. It is very easy to use, all it takes is spraying the throat few times and it will be good to go. Trachisan is much stronger in terms of relieving the pain and it lasts much longer. Right now I always have backup of Trachisan in case someone becomes sick at my home. Trachisan gargle come in 200 ML, so make sure you get the gargle and not their other products.

Best Games & Anime Music of All Time

If you are in a mood to listen to music then this is the perfect time to check my favorite music out. I rarely listen to songs, because I am so into music. I used to listen to songs until I reached the age of 16, and since then I started to listen mostly to music. Most of the music I like are from anime and video games. I will list my favorite music of all time.

1- Final Fantasy X | To Zanarkand

2- D Grey Man | Shiawase na Hibi

3- Rurouni Kenshin | Starless; No Moon, No Stars

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The Experience of Selling a Car in Kuwait

Few days ago I sold my car to buy a new one, and the process to sell the car was a nightmare. I started by taking my car to the dealership, and I got a lower price than actually selling the car in the market. When I left the dealer, one of the guys who stand on the streets to buy cars walked up to me and told me the price that I got and my car’s milage. I was surprised, because I wondered how did he know about such details. He told me the dealer called him and asked him to buy the car. I didn’t know that big car dealers deal with the people standing outside to buy their cars. Anyway I took his number and told him I will think about it. The next day I posted an Ad on 4Sale, and I got few messages. Back and forth, I realized no one was very serious to buy the car. I contacted someone I met in the past to buy the car, and he was very interested. He gave me a high price, and I was ready to sell. The moment he came and I told him the places where I painted the car after an accident, he dropped the price a lot. I am fully transparent and have nothing to hide when it comes to any deal. I told him that I will think about it. This guy is very transparent in doing business, so whatever price he commits to, he sticks to it until we finish the deal. I contacted the other guy who was standing outside the dealer, and he told me that he will pay a higher price than the guy I met in the past. I asked him to give me a specific number, he wouldn’t tell and kept avoiding the question. He kept saying that I will give you a higher price, so I said OK let us meet then. When he saw the car he dropped 3,000 KD and told me because of the paint and previous accidents. Negotiation back and forth until we agreed on a price and that he will be charged for car inspection. We took the car for inspection, and the report showed a tiny comment. He said we need to drop the price even more. I told him then I would sell to the other guy, because I will get a better price and that was true. He told me you know what lets stick to the price we agreed on. I told him is that a final agreement, and he said yes it is. I told him that you will deposit the entire amount in my bank then I will transfer the car. He was fine with that even though he doesn’t know me. Sadly we don’t have something like escrow where a 3rd party takes the money and car transfer documents and then exchange them once everything is verified. I heard in Saudi Arabia you can sell a car via Link where you send a link with an amount and car registration info, and if it is paid then the car will be automatically be transferred under the name of who bought it. Back to our topic, he told me to go to the bank to issue a cashier’s check. Before entering the bank he told me that the deal is right in front of me, but to continue he wanted to drop another 500 KD. I had enough by then, so I told him how many times do we agree on a final deal. I told him you know what I am done, and want to cancel this deal because I don’t feel comfortable at all. I told him that I hate dealing with people who don’t stick to their word after committing. He was really surprised, and I felt like no one told him such thing in the past because that is their usual practice. For me it isn’t about money as much as transparency. I told him I don’t care about money, and dealing with such people with such behavior really bothers me. He said you know what if you pay the car inspection fees then that will be my final price. I agreed, and we walked into the bank. He issued the check and I deposited into my bank account. Then we went to transfer the insurance policy, and lastly we went to transfer the car under his name.

From this experience, I wouldn’t deal with these people again because they don’t stick to their word. Their negotiating tactics are terrible and they wasted so much of my time.

Pre-Order a Game or Wait For 1-2 Years After Release

My friends and I had a discussion about pre-ordering a game or waiting for a year after release. I personally pre order games all the time. I order both physical when it comes to collector’s edition and digital through Playstation Store. The reason I pre order physical games is because getting the collector’s edition at official price will be impossible later on, especially for Playstation popular exclusives. For the digital pre-orders, I like to get the pre-order bonuses, such as a weapon or so. I also like to play the game right away instead of waiting for sometime. Some of my friends wait for a year or two after release, and in my opinion it has pros and cons. The pros is that they get the game at a much lower price where they save 50-75% from the original price and it might include all DLCs. The game will also be almost bug free, because by that time there aren’t any more patches to fix any bugs. The cons will be, they miss out on all the discussions about the game, because when we meet we talk about the game. For me I feel waiting a year or two is the better option, but I personally can’t do it and I always like to play the game right away.