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Trikart | E-commerce With an Impressive Customer Service in Kuwait

About a year ago, I discovered an E-commerce called Trikart which I didn’t know about at that time. Whenever I see a website that I don’t know, I hesitate to order and go to the big retailers especially when it comes to the expensive stuff. I tried to order small items from Trikart few times and everything was delivered very fast. I was very happy with the experience, and it became part of my favorite E-commerce platforms in Kuwait. Now things are taken to the next level where I was impressed beyond what I had in mind. So far I haven’t experienced a customer service that great in Kuwait. Few days ago, I ordered a 512GB Samsung Z Fold 4, and their pricing was the best in the market. When I got the phone, it was a 256GB. I was very disappointed, because whenever I face such issue with the big retailers. I usually go through hell just to replace the product, just like what happened recently with my Sony TV, where it took 2 months and a total of more than 10 long calls just to try to return a TV that has an issue of fading colors. The issue started after 3 days from receiving the TV, and returning it was almost impossible. Of course since then I created a guide of how to test the TV before receiving it. With Trikart I just contacted them via Whatsapp, and I explained the issue, and I told them the phone is still sealed. They were like OK, tomorrow you will get the 512GB. I was like WHAT ? impossible, because I am used to other retailers and how hard they make it to replace or repair a product. In less than 24 hours, Trikart replaced my phone, and I was extremely impressed. I was like WOW that reminds me of my days in the US, where Amazon replaces any item very fast. When I came back to Kuwait, I realized they make it very hard where you have to use Wasta or threat that you will go consumer protection department or call them every few days and see that you are persistent. With Trikart that isn’t the case at all. Their customer service is amazing, and they win my loyalty big time and I am already recommending it to everyone. I don’t mind anyone making a mistake, and I faced mistakes with most of the retailers in Kuwait, but the main thing is how to solve it and Trikart did an impressive job. I was about to get a new Sony TV for my Diwaneya, and now I will get it from Trikart. Waiting for them to restock.

Thank you Trikart for the impressive customer service.

Apple Pay is Launching in Kuwait in October 2022

Finally Apple is launching Apple Pay next month, and most of my friends who are using iPhones have been waiting for this day. For me I have no worries since I stopped using iPhones few years ago and now I use Samsung Z Fold. On Samsung I use Samsung Pay for my NBK cards and Google Pay for my US cards. Paying by phone is so convenient and it saves a lot of time. I usually hold my phone and keep my wallet in my pocket, so I used to grab my wallet and pay by card. This is no longer the case where I pay by phone for all my transactions. Try mobile payment few times and it will eventually be much more comfortable than paying by cards.

Taqdeer Al Ehteyaj | The Best Comedy TV Show in Kuwait in Recent Years

Season 1 from Taqdeer Al Ehteyaj was released 3 years ago as a 4 episodes season only. The TV Show got a lot of attention for being very funny and for being something that people can relate to. Since then I have been waiting for season 2, and it was released on September 1st, 2022. It is a 10 episodes season and it is available only on Shasha. I have seen Shasha being promoted on AlQabas all the time after trailers from the Black Box by Ammar Taqi. I didn’t pay for subscription until Taqdeer Al Ehteyaj was released. I paid for the 1 year subscription for $59.99, which is a lot for a platform that doesn’t have much content.

After Abdulhusain Abdulredha passed away, I thought we will never get the opportunity to laugh the same way as we used to. I was totally wrong because Taqdeer Al Ehteyaj brought very similar laugh and joy. I recommended the show to my friends and family, and everyone loved it. My Saudi friends were so reluctant to watch it, because they thought our recent entertainment isn’t as good as the old days, which I agree with, but after they watched the show. I got a call few weeks later, and they told me they were so impressed and they watched the show twice and can’t wait for more episodes.

My favorite episode from Taqdeer Al Ehteyaj is episode 2 from season 1 and episode 8 from season 2. It is a must watch

Sony & Samsung QD OLED TV’s Are Available in Kuwait

Less than a year ago, I got the LG C1 OLED TV. Back then that was the best gaming TV in the market. Of course OLED TV was and still very impressive, but it has it cons as well. The brightness is known to be one issue and the other is the possibility of burn in. Such issues doesn’t exist with QLED TV’s, and they come with their own issues such as less contrast between black and the other colors. Now the best of both OLED and QLED are combined into QD OLED, and they are finally available in Kuwait. So far there is two companies that are offering QD OLED TV’s, which are Sony and Samsung. The only limitation is that they come in 55″ and 65″ sizes only. I really want a 77″ or 83″ for my next upgrade which will be few years away.

Sony A95K 

Xcite (65″)


Samsung S95B

Andalus (55″ , 65″)

Best Electronics (55″ , 65″)

Lulu Hypermarket (55″65″)

Blink (55″65″)