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Vessi | Amazing Waterproof Shoes

I wrote about Vessi shoes last time I wrote an article about QYNDA, but I never went into details. I bought Vessi shoes about a month ago, and I am impressed how amazing the shoes are. Of course it was difficult to switch from my favorite Nike, Puma, and Adidas shoes, but I still gave it a shot because it was 100% waterproof. I didn’t know about Vessi until I saw it on one of the tech Youtube channels. When I went to their site, I saw very nice designs, so I chose two of them. I tried to ship directly to Kuwait, but this option wasn’t available which is very sad. I ended up shipping it to my Postshipper address, and then I got it in Kuwait. Now I have been using them for a while, and I love them. The shoes are light, breathable, and 100% waterproof. It is everything I have ever wanted in a single product. I am telling friends and family about it and they really want to try them out. I really wish they ship directly to Kuwait because that will make my life much easier.

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Playstation VR2 Low Sales Might Lead To a Similar Fate of The Playstation Vita

I read a report from Bloomberg mentioning that Playstation VR2 has very low sales of about 300K units up until now. I honestly was expecting it, because everyone I know including myself stopped using the first VR after few times only. It was a nice experience, but then there wasn’t much to do. When preorders went live for PS VR2 in Kuwait, I didn’t see much interest and none of the stores sold out. The price tag is higher than the console itself, which made a lot of people lose interest. Few of my friends bought it, but majority weren’t interested at all. Now what worries me the most is the usual cycle of the end of a device or console.

Low Hardware Sales   --> Game Developers Lose Interest in Developing Games --> Scraping AAA Titles --> The End of The Device

I believe to increase sales they need to have a better price and have lots of games in development including AAA games. I have seen it during Nintendo 3DS times were people thought it was the end, but it was’t. They dropped the price and developed tons of amazing games. It made people want to buy the device where Playstation dropped the support of the PS Vita immediately back then.

I still think Playstation should have developed a new Playstation Portable that competes with Steam Deck, but learn from their past mistakes. I mentioned how they can do it in a previous article.