Boccini | Best Tiramisu Cake in Kuwait

I finally found an amazing Tiramisu cake in Kuwait. Most of the times when you look for a cake, you try to find it at different bakeries, which was the case with me. I never expected to find the best tiramisu cake in an Italian restaurant in the avenues. Few days ago I was at the avenues, and I felt like to eat my very favorite nachos at Boccini restaurant, which is a must try by the way. I finished eating and the waiter suggested that I try their tiramisu, and I didn’t mind at all since I had room in my stomach. I tried it and it was perfect !!, then I got 2 more to go. When we tried the second day, it didn’t taste the same, so make sure to eat it in the restaurant, and you will go every time you crave an amazing cake.

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1 thoughts on “Boccini | Best Tiramisu Cake in Kuwait

  1. Aamir Mullaji says:

    I and wife like the interior so much that we can spend hours over there. They provide very good service and for me staff named Carol is the best staff in Boccini.

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