Buy Herman Miller Chairs Online in Kuwait

I got to know Herman Miller back in 2009 when I got a call from my family to immediately send 4 Herman Miller chairs from the US. A family member got Disc and the doctor recommended Herman Miller chair to be used. I didn’t ask whether they sell them in Kuwait or not, so I went and bought 4 chairs and barely delivered them to Fedex. The staff were so surprised that we were sending such large boxes to Kuwait via air. I sent them to Kuwait and few days later the chairs were delivered. When I visited Kuwait, I tried the chair at my home and loved it and since that day Herman Miller became my favorite office chair. I used to go to Dia Behbehani store in Kuwait to buy them. I didn’t like the fact that I can’t buy them online like Amazon in the US. Now the option is available online via Dia Behbehani website. I highly recommend this office chair even though it is very expensive.

3 thoughts on “Buy Herman Miller Chairs Online in Kuwait

  1. Aziz says:

    So sad that they don’t have the Embody chair, I’ve been waiting for them to get stock since March. They said by end of this month so fingers crossed 🤞🏼

  2. Mohamed Bassar says:

    Hi Aziz,
    i have the mentioned chair herman miller for sale , currently we liquidate our company in Kuwait. Let me know how many chair you need . my contact No: 51083568

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