Canada Dry Cream Soda in Kuwait

Last month I started to look for Canada Dry Cream Soda all over Kuwait. I luckily found it at a store called Hi and Buy on Deliveroo. Each can cost 350 Fils. I bought 24 cans so they delivered 1 full pack of 24 cans. The next day I brought some to my parents house, and my sister in law told me that they sell it at a place called Supplierskw and it cost 200 Fils per can. Yesterday I found lots of packs in AlQadsiya Co-op, so it seems it is available all over Kuwait once again.

2 thoughts on “Canada Dry Cream Soda in Kuwait

  1. RAH says:

    I bought some in April 2021 from Al Rumaithiya Co-op. I think it was 150 fils a can. They carried both the can and the glass bottle variety.

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