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INON | The Maximum Saving & Discount Grocery App in Kuwait

INON (It’s Now or Never) is a revolutionary grocery app that offers maximum savings and discounts in Kuwait. It is offering prices I have never seen in Kuwait with a very interesting business model. I know of something very close during my stay in the US, but still INON is still different. With INON the moment you open the app, you will see browsing products by expiration date and the sooner the expiry the more is the discount. For example 2 weeks until expiry, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, and 4 months. When I was studying in the US, I remember seeing my friends spending much less on groceries and consumer products than me. I thought they were buying products that have lower quality, but I was surprised to see they were buying the same exact products that I use at a much lower prices. I discovered that they are going to stores that sells the products at much lower prices. Then I did my research on how these stores can sell at such prices.

  • Products are near expiry. I just bought 11 Tide boxes for 600 fils each because it has 2 months to expire.
  • Products are out of style. Sometimes the manufacturers change the design of the packaging
  • The company target slimmer margins. Thin margins and volume can make up the difference



This is an example of Lipton tea that has 2 weeks to expire, which is perfect to save more than 1 KD for the Diwaneya and the other is Pif Paf that has 1 month to expire. If you see the savings it goes up to 75%.

INON is using this business model to disrupt the market in Kuwait, and everyone I know is extremely happy with the App. The main reason I was happy is because I want to save as much as possible on the monthly purchases for the consumer product. Try INON out and let me know how many items you bought and how much you saved.

iOS | Android | Website

Update: I was notified that much more products will be included by next month, so check them out.

Why Do We Still Order From Carriage Over Deliveroo

The battle between Carriage and Deliveroo has been going on for sometime. I personally use Talabat, Carriage, and Deliveroo. My favorite one is Deliveroo because of the superior customer service. Even though Deliveroo is my favorite app, I can’t use it that much. The main reason of why I use Carriage more than Deliveroo is the option to write notes for each item I order. At the Duwaneyah, I usually order food for 10+ people, and each person customize his order differently. For example we order from Fat Burger, I will get a request saying I don’t want onions in my burger. The other want extra mayo and so on. The problem is that I can’t add any notes to the items I order on Deliveroo. When I use Carriage I have the luxury to write down a note for each item, and that’s why I still use Carriage more than Deliveroo. This case applies to all my friends at the Duwaneyah and all of us are forced to use Carriage instead.

I hope Deliveroo update their app to include such feature. If they do, they will be much more competitive.

Deliveroo Has Arrived in Kuwait With Free Deliveries

It seems that Carriage and Talabat have a real competitor in Kuwait. You will guess Craves or Zitat, but no I mean a real competitor. Deliveroo has arrived in Kuwait with free deliveries, and guess what ? if it is late, you get the order for free. I can’t believe that most deliveries are between 20-30 minutes, so I will go ahead right now and try it out.

Download Deliveroo and give it a shot Android & iOS


SRVME | The Best App For Maintenance Services in Kuwait

Few days ago I needed to install a new faucet in my kitchen, and that faucet has a water filter. I didn’t want to call the supermarket, because sometimes they aren’t sure when the plumber can come. I wanted to use an app to make my life much easier, so I downloaded an app called SRVME. This app has lots of services such as plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning services. I believe you have heard of it, because it was all over the news recently. They offered to fix schools AC’s for free. They were mentioned on TV channels, radio, instagram, and many other places. I decided to give them a try, so I used the app and requested a plumber to my home. I requested the plumber at 5PM, and it took about 55 minutes for him to arrive. The installation took a total of 45 minutes, so the charges rounds up to 1 hour. overall, I am very happy with the service, but it still needs improvements. I didn’t expect the app to be perfect, because they are in their launch phase. As a start, I believe it is an amazing start, and the app will continue to improve. The owner called me to ask about the experience, and I gave him all the feedback. The issues I faced was trying to save an address, and I wanted the bill to be more detailed for me to understand what is going on. Most of the issues will be fixed in the next update, so I look forward to it. I will use the app again in the next months and write an updated review. Give SRVME a try, and let me know what you think

Website | iOS App | Android App


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Apps That Made Our Lives Easier in Kuwait

I use Carriage and Talabat on daily basis and for groceries, I always use TONS App. It is the App that has the best user experience and user interface in the entire MENA region. Check out the force touch shopping where you can hold a product with your finger, and then slide up or down to increase or decrease the quantity of the product.

Check the full list Below !