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Shrimpy | Best Fried Shrimp in Kuwait for 2019

The first time I tried Shrimpy when a friend of mine ordered Shrimpy for our gathering at the Duwaneya. When I tried it, it was good, but nothing impressive. In general food taste so different when you eat it fresh at the store vs via delivery. The second time was when my prospective completely changed about Shrimpy. I was at McDonald’s in AlNuzha, but it was so busy and I didn’t feel like to wait. I decided to go somewhere else, so I saw Shrimpy very close to it. I went there and ordered fried shrimp monster size with coke. I got my order right from the fryer and the color was the perfect golden color. I had my first shrimp with tartar sauce, and it was amazing. Since that day, I am a fan of Shrimpy, but I always go to their branch in AlNuzha and have it there.

Asha’s | Best Indian Restaurant in Kuwait for 2019

I don’t eat at Indian restaurants that often in Kuwait, because it isn’t the preference of my friends and family. Sometimes I feel like to eat at an Indian Restaurant, but I get out voted. When I choose an Indian restaurant, it is always Asha’s. What I really like about Asha’s is that their food is consistent in terms of taste and quality. This is what I usually order from Asha’s

1- Potato Samosa

2- Plain Naan and Garlic Naan

3- Chicken Tikka Masala or Butter Chicken

4- Chicken Biryani


Try it out and hopefully you love the food.



Mado | Best Turkish Baklava in Kuwait for 2019

The Carrot Shaped Baklava is one of the most popular Turkish Baklava’s ever. I got used to eating it after eating steak at either Nusr-Et or Sultan Chef. Eating Baklava and dondurma ice cream while having tea is the best combination ever. The great thing about this Baklava is that it tastes exactly the same whether you have it at the store or when you order it on Carriage app. The problem is when you have one and it isn’t enough and you go for the second one. You will regret it a little, but it is worth every bite.

Villa Fayrouz | Best Lebanese Restaurant in Kuwait for 2019

I never get board from eating at Villa Fayrouz Shaab. Sometimes I have lunch and dinner at Villa Fayrouz on the same day. It is one of my very favorite restaurants in Kuwait, and honestly I don’t know why I like it more than Layla at Salhiya or AlMayass. They have the almost the same food, but maybe it has to do with their garlic sauce for Shish Tawook. This is what I usually order from Villa Fayrouz Shaab

1- Hummus with Meat

2- Fattoush Naem (Cut into small pieces)

3- Shish Tawook

4- Kebab with raspberry

5- Hot Potatoes

6- Lamb Chops (Sometimes it is perfect and sometimes it is so so)


Try it out and let us know what you think.

KFC | Best Fast Food Wrap in Kuwait for 2019

Spicy Zinger Twister is the name of the best fast food wrap in Kuwait. I feel that this wrap is generally lighter than having a dinner box, which is 3 pieces of fried chicken. I don’t feel heavy after the meal if I eat one, but if I eat two. I remain full for a long time. I like to order Zinger Twister from the drive through, and eat it in the car while someone else is driving, especially for long distances. KFC chose the best slogan to describe their food “Finger Lickin’ Good.”

Cafe Bazza | Best Traditional Breakfast in Kuwait for 2019

When I came back to Kuwait, I was looking for a traditional breakfast where I can eat falafel, hummus, eggs..etc. I found out about Cafe Bazza in Bnaid Algar, so I decided to try it out. The moment I walked in, I saw a lot of traditional Kuwaiti stuff from text inspired from Darb AlZalag to paintings featuring Vimto and roaster hot sauce. Now Cafe Bazza is the place where I enjoy eating traditional breakfast the most. This is what I usually order and keep in mind that you will eat everything with their fresh bread right from the oven.

1- Grilled Halloum

2- Hummus

3- Moutabal

4- Plate of Falafel + Tahina Sauce on the side

5- Fried Potatoes

6- Pomegranate Hibiscus Drink


You will enjoy every bite, especially when you eat their grilled halloum.

Crepe De Licious | Best Crepe in Kuwait for 2019

Every now and then I feel like to eat crepe at either Godiva, or Crepe De Licious. I like both of them, but I like Crepe De Licious more because they have more options. I usually order a crepe with milk chocolate, strawberries, banana, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream at both places. Sometimes I get the crepe with digestive biscuit and milk chocolate, which is also very delicious as well. Next time I will try the Kinder crepe and Kinder Bueno crepe. I guess I will gain few Kg as soon as I try them both.

Hardee’s | Best Fast Food Chicken Filet Sandwich in Kuwait for 2019

Hardee’s chicken filet sandwich is one of my favorite chicken sandwiches in Kuwait. I always get it with curly fries and coke. Sometimes I take the risk by ordering a roast beef sandwich with cheese, which becomes the appetizer before the chicken filet. Every time I pass by Hardee’s, I think whether I should skip for the day or go to the drive through. Most of the time, I end up going to the drive through and order curly fries, chicken filet, roast beef, and coke. I park somewhere close to the restaurant and start eating in the car, which is my happiest moment ever.

Fume | Best Steak in Kuwait for 2019

Two weeks ago, I went to a restaurant called Fume right next to Ananas. My friend ordered grilled lettuce for appetizers, and surprisingly I really liked it. He also ordered two types of steak, one was medium tenderloin steak, and the other came with mushroom sauce. You can find the one with mushroom sauce in the picture above. Both of the steaks were really great, and it became my favorite steak in Kuwait. The mushroom sauce was extremely tasty as well, so as a combination, it perfected the meal. I will be going again to fume sometime this month for sure.

Just C | Best Burger BBQ Box in Kuwait for 2019

Whenever we have a gathering in the farm, we order Just C Burger BBQ Box. I believe that this is the best burger in Kuwait, but it has to be made the right way. I will list the instructions below of how to make it

1- Order Just C Burger BBQ Box from Carriage or store pick up

2- Buy African charcoal, mainly used for grilling

3- Grill the burgers to medium well, and put the cheese on top until it melts

4- Toast the bun and put the burger with melted cheese inside the bun

5- Try the following toppings, special sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and crispy onions.

6- Close your eyes and have your first bite


Whoever try this burger, they rank it the best in Kuwait. Try it out and let us know what you think.