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A New Makeup Brand That is Trending in The Market – Ayn Noon

If you’re looking for quality products for your eyes, then we got your answer here. Ayn Noon is a newly founded cosmetic company based in Kuwait and it’s the perfect eye makeup for all sensitive eyes and busy women.


Its makeup is easy to use and perfect for everyone. They are currently selling four main products for the eyes that are all organic, gluten-free and cruelty-free. The main collection is the following: Ayara Mascara the perfect mascara for your everyday look; two main eyeliners Kajoola (demure) and Jareea’a (Bold) eyeliner. While Kajoola eyeliner is thin tipped, Jareaa’a eyeliner is thick tipped. And lastly, they have Gazel pencil eyeliner as the best pencil eyeliner for sensitive eyes. All products are made in the EU and are all intensive black.

The main purpose of creating Ayn Noon is to provide quality makeup for everyone at an affordable price. And most importantly, creating Ayn Noon was to create a beauty line with an Arabic touch that feels unique.

You can buy Ayn Noon Products from their website and also follow them on instagram


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