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Postshipper is MyUS Replacement At Cheaper Prices

Back in early 2000, I used to shop with Aramex Shop & Ship, then I switched to MyUS in 2015. The impressive thing about My US is that their website is advanced and simple to use. The only problem is their pricing, which is always very expensive. I had the 30% discount with American Express back and it was still very expensive. The problem that there was a subscription fee, setup fee, and shipping was too expensive. Both setup and subscription for 2 years were waived for me as an American Express card holder. Their consolidation feature was really impressive, because I used to order lots of stuff and ship them all at once. The main problem was that the shipping options are expensive, but the worst part was the additional money I pay for customs when the packages arrives to my home. Each time it is a different amount, and they ask for cash, which I don’t usually have. I wanted an easier option where I can pay online, but that wasn’t the case back then.

When I discovered Posta Plus MyBox, I was really happy, because I no longer worry about shipping cost and unexpected customs fee. MyBox is impressive, because it is really inexpensive. The only issue I face with them is that their website where I can’t consolidate easily, and If I do. They still ship them at different times from the US, so I don’t really get it. Their website is very basic and they need to invest more money into it to be very efficient. The beauty of MyBox is that I pay all my shipping fees and customs online before delivery, so it is extremely convenient. I wish they have an option to pay by PayPal, but so far it is only Knet and Credit Cards

The new player is Postshipper, which is really impressive overall. I really like their website, it is so detailed and advanced. They invested heavily into the website where they show every package with a picture and 45 days timer to know until when each package can be stored. Having such features, I expected to pay subscription fee, but it isn’t the case, it is completely free.

On Prime Day, I bought lots of stuff from Amazon, because of the amazing deals I found. Got the Fire TV for $15, and a bundle of Fire TV and Amazon Echo Dot for $12. The HDMI Switched for $4.5, and most of these stuff I won’t use anytime soon. I guess I bought them because I found them on a great deal. Above you can see the picture of each item and a timer of the remaining days for storage.

The picture above shows you the pricing for all the above items, and I was really happy to see PayPal as an option, because I use it all the time. The pricing is really inexpensive, and you don’t have to worry about anything after that payment. It will be delivered right to your home in a very nice package.

I highly recommend using Postshipper and give it a chance especially if you used MyUS, Aramex Shop & Ship, or MyBox Posta Plus before. You can find coupon discounts on shipments if you check their instagram posts.

I would say Postshipper is a combination of the main advantage of MyUS, which is an advanced and simple website, and the main advantage of Posta Plus MyBox, which is pricing.

Advanced Website + Inexpensive Pricing = Postshipper



I was charged custom fees in addition to the payment before the shipment. For laptops I will be using Posta Plus MyBox, and for small stuff consolidated, I will be using Postshipper

Update 2:-

I am constantly paying unexpected fees when the shipment arrive and it is paid via cash which I usually don’t have. Now I am switching back to Posta Plus MyBox

Buying Computer Hardware From Amazon Vs Kuwait’s Suppliers

Around 10 years ago, I used to buy all my computer hardware from Silicon Valley in Hawally (Bin Khaldoun St). I remember when I used to go from one store to another to find the lowest price possible. I used to go at least once every 1-2 weeks to see or buy the latest PC hardware. I bought a lot of computers from Hawally whether for myself, friends, or family. Now it is no longer the case, because I buy everything directly from Almost all the time, I find things cheaper to buy from Amazon Vs the stores in Kuwait, this is including shipping and customs. Most of the time, I use direct shipping to Kuwait whenever it is possible. It is really fast and doesn’t cost much.

It is very very rare to see an item cheaper in Kuwait Vs the US, and sometimes I do find things to cost the same if I am ordering 1 item only. So what I do is order more than 1 item, because shipping mostly cost the same.

I have been buying SSD Hard drives for the company laptops, and I compared a lot of stores in Kuwait Vs, but Amazon has always been cheaper. Now about 85% of my purchases whether for the company or myself is through Amazon.

Why Best Buy & Walmart Will Never Catch Up With Amazon

Best Buy and Walmart have been trying to catch up with Amazon for a very long time. They tried doing price match, pick up in store, and lowering the minimum ticket price for free shipping. The main problem with both Best Buy and Walmart is that they are not flexible with international shipments. With Amazon they offer international shipping to most countries, and it is extremely fast. Once I wanted to buy a tablet for my mother, but I wasn’t interested in the options and prices we have in Kuwait, so I ended up buying it from Amazon directly to Kuwait. It took 3-4 days to arrive and I saved a total of $170. It is extremely convenient, because Amazon take care of all the custom fees and importing charges. They refund the difference 1-2 weeks after I receive the items, so it is really impressive.

Now with Walmart and Best Buy they are the worst, because not only they don’t ship outside the US, but also they cancel transaction to forwarding boxes in the US. The forwarding boxes is an address in the US where they receive the package and ship internationally to any country. I can’t believe that they cancel most orders going to Aramex, MyUS, and the rest. One time we ordered a laptop from Best Buy to a package forwarding address, but it was cancelled. We tried three different addresses, but again all of them were cancelled.

Amazon is a different game, because they never cancelled a single order to any package forwarding addresses, and they ship anywhere. I believe even if I live in a cave, or on an island by myself, Amazon will still ship the package. Best Buy have the best selection of laptops, but the problem is their cancellation for shipments to forwarding addresses.

“Amazon’s market is the entire world, where Walmart and Best Buy is the US only”

TONS Grocery App Finally Launched an Android App

TONS my very favorite grocery app in Kuwait finally launched an Android app on Google Play store. The past few months I was using my wife’s iPhone to order from TONS, because I am an Android user. After testing the Android app, I realized that it doesn’t have all the features that the iPhone have. The features will be released in the upcoming updates and eventually it will match the iPhone app. TONS is the most advanced app in terms of coding and design in the Middle East. The moment you use the app, you could tell that it wasn’t programmed or designed in Kuwait. The most impressive features are shopping by force touch, product replacements, and push notifications. I believe that TONS will be the next Talabat or Carriage in terms of success, so lets see how that turns out in the upcoming future.

I used TONS to order my groceries from Mishref co-op, but I recently switched to Shamiya co-op. For some reason, it is much more efficient than Mishref and I get my orders really fast and always on time. I also heard that Yarmouk co-op is a very good option, so try either one whenever you order from TONS.

TONS WebsiteTONS iOS App  | TONS Android App

Yoghi | Online Stationary Kuwait (Update)

Yoghi is an online stationary website based in Kuwait. They ship to the GCC and the rest of the world, and their shipping rates are very reasonable. One of the items that I really like is Yoghi soft tissue, and it either come in a box of 1 or box of 5. I really like the quality of the tissue, but what I like most is the design of the package. People ask me all the time, where did you get that tissue box from. I have always liked well designed products, and this is definitely one of them.

Yoghi Tissue

Yoghi Tissue Pack of 5

Buying from Yoghi made our lives much easier at the company, where we no longer have to go to Mirqab and negotiate prices. It is 1 click away from purchasing whatever we need, and if we don’t find a product, we talk to the customer service using the live chat feature and we get whatever we ask for. I also don’t have to remember what I ordered in the past, I just lookup my order history and order the same stuff again.

My favorite part of the website is the search, because it is very fast and superior. I don’t have to leave the homepage and move from one page to the other. Even if I mis-spell a word, it finds the product instantly. The customer service of Yoghi is great, and they are very responsive.


Life is more convenient than ever where a lot of things is shifting online, and finally a place like Mirqab which I really hate to go to have an online substitute.

Try and let me know what you think


Instagram: YoghiStore


TONS | The Best Grocery App in Kuwait

TONS is the most innovative grocery app in the Middle East, and specifically Kuwait. Most of the time I don’t feel like driving to the supermarket, so I order everything online. Most of the apps and websites were very basic, and have a very limited selection of products. When TONS was released, it was a game changer, because they shoot their own high resolution pictures, and write down the nutrition facts of most of the products. There are 2 supermarkets as of now, which are Mishref and Shamiya, and more are joining soon.

The coolest feature in TONS app is the force touch where you can buy everything using one hand. To use the force touch feature, just choose a product and hold your finger until you see the sliding bar. When you push up, you increase the quantity of the product, and when you push down, you decrease the quantity. If you continue to push down, you can delete the product from the cart. This feature made shopping extremely simple, and I have never seen it in any other application in the market.

The most interesting thing is that their domain is which is a very rare domain to have since it is only 4 letters.

When you buy from TONS, they will assign a personal shopper to get all the products and groceries from the supermarket. They handpick the best groceries in the supermarket, but sometimes the groceries in the supermarket isn’t good quality. Overall, I really enjoy using the app, even though there is so much room for improvement.



The most beautiful thing is when I receive TONS bags and have my products and groceries inside them. The demand was very high for TONS that they sold out of all their bags, but more are coming soon.





Eureka Offers

Eureka offers great deals on their instagram account. So far I bought 2 TV’s from Samsung at really great deals. The first one was a 55″ Samsung TV, and the other is a 65″ TV. Both TV’s are LED, and the graphics for both are really impressive. Check out the instagram page for Eureka and let me know what is your favorite offer.

Posta Plus – MyBox

I have been ordering electronics online since 2004 and my main mail forwarding service was Aramex. A decade later I switched to MyUS, and the service has always been amazing, but it is extremely expensive. My most recent switch is to Posta Plus – MyBox. The reason I prefer Posta Plus is very simple, it is much more convenient than the rest. I no longer have to wait at home just to pay the customs fees. Now I just login online at Posta Plus website, and then pay using Knet. The other reason is the price which is very fair, and from my own experience, the service is really good. I do see people complaining online, but so far i haven’t faced any issue so far. I also tried edfa3ly, but I never liked their service, and it is very slow to get the packages.


A Store Kuwait | Portable Power Banks

I finally found a website to purchase portable power banks in Kuwait. I usually buy either Anker o Aukey portable power banks, because I believe they are the best in the market. Especially the ones with Quick Charge 3.0 to charge my phone faster than usual. A Store is a website that sells mobile accessories, power banks, and more. The pricing is great, and it is much cheaper than other stores in Kuwait. I just ordered 2 power banks, 1 from Anker, and the other is from Aukey.

Website :

Pro Gaming | Video Games Website in Kuwait

I have always been a video gamer, and I constantly buy PS4 & Nintendo video games to play in my free time. I also have a big collection of figurines, some are extremely rare by now and their prices went up 300-500%. I always buy video games and figurines from my very favorite website Pro Gaming . They also have an instagram page for those who doesn’t know how to order from a website. The last game I bought was Shadow of War, and it was totally worth it. I really enjoyed that game, and it was as good as Shadow of Mordor.

Pro Gaming Website:

Pro Gaming Instagram: