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Anker & AmazonBasics | The Best Charging Cables Ever

Whether you are looking for USB C, Lightning, or Micro USB charging cables. Anker and AmazonBasics create the most durable ones. It all happened by coincidence in the past where I used to buy every cable for my iphone for $20 from Apple Store. I remember one day I spent more than $80 just to have cables all over the place. The problem with Apple’s charging cables is that they always peel, even my macbook charger has been peeling until now. My cousin told to buy Anker Powerline + cable I wanted a charging cable that is extremely durable. I ordered one, and I can’t believe that their material is extremely durable. It never peeled even when I left it in my car during the summer in OC. None of the Anker cables I bought stopped working, and same thing goes to AmazonBasics. I love amazon products, and when I tried them, I realized that they are as durable. Once you try AmazonBasics or Anker, you will never go back to buy the original cables from any company.