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Funko is Available on Carriage in Kuwait

Funko distributor has been extremely active in Kuwait. They started with the big players such as Xcite and Fantasy World. Then I started seeing them in Rehab Complex and Trolley. Now they are available on Carriage and it takes about 42 minutes to be delivered to your home. The store that has the best collection is Sharingan at Rehab Complex. They offer most of the Funkos available, which makes buying a collection much easier. Funko and the Kuwaiti distributor will continue to do a great job, because I can see the progress with my own eyes.

Unboxing Figurines in Kuwait

Nawaf from N-Unchained unboxed the Red Hulk Premium Format. I saw the box at Pro Gaming in Comfest back in April, but I never expected it to look that great. Collecting figurines is one of my hobbies, and I am looking for Guyver 0 figurine the most.