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Hanoverian Chocolate in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) | One of The Best Chocolates Ever

The company sent me to Saudi Arabia Riyadh to look for opportunities, because we believe that it will have the highest possible growth in the GCC for the upcoming years. One of the concepts that got our attention is Hanoverian, which is a very luxury chocolate store in Riyadh. The first picture you see is the amazing chocolate that I got addicted to. The chocolate is called Crepe Dulcey and it is very light and it has a very nice crunch to it. The packaging is extremely luxury and the chocolate box is covered with a luxury cloth bag. I haven’t seen such nice packaging before.

My brother’s friend was the one who sent it to us as a gift, and she told us that their products are extremely popular in KSA. I was able to go and buy for my family today. There was another type of chocolate that I tried at Hanoverian which is the truffle. You can find the truffle at their website. I liked the truffle as well but not as much as the Crepe Dulcey. If you ever visit Saudi Arabia Riyadh, then this chocolate is a must try. Both products were impressive, and I highly suggest everyone to try it out.

Check our their instagram page. Hanavorian

Update: You can now order Hanoverian in Kuwait. I just ordered from them.