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I Want More Legend of Zelda Link & Epona Statues From First4Figures

I have been buying statues from First4Figures since 2014 and my very first one was Link on Epona. A lot of people ask me if I am willing to sell it, but I don’t sell my collection. I bought most of the Legend of Zelda collection from First4Figures, and I think it is time to release another version of Link on Epona. I don’t want an identical one of the old one, but a new one from either Ocarina of Time or Breath of The Wild.

I still think that First 4 Figures, Prime 1 Studio, and Tsume Art are the best statue makers in the industry. In my opinion, the strongest line for each of the statue makers is the following.

First 4 Figures: Legend of Zelda

Prime 1 Studio: Guyver

Tsume Art: Naruto & One Piece

I Wish That Prime 1 Studio Release This Scene As a Figurine For Guyver 1 Vs The Fake Guyver

I have been collecting Prime 1 figurines for the past 3 years. My favorite collection is definitely the Guyver and I bought all the Guyvers so far. I am really waiting for Prime 1 to release Guyver 2. Once I get Guyver 2, I will complete my Guyver collection. There is a Guyver scene that would be really nice if Prime 1 release it as a figurine. You can see it above, and it was a fight between Guyver 1 and the fake Guyver in episode 8. This scene was so memorable, and I always watch this specific episode every now and then to remember this scene. The way I see Prime 1 Studio is that it isn’t just a collectable item, I see it as an investment as well. Each figurine has very limited pieces, and it will just be more valuable with time. Especially the Guyver line, which has been very popular for a very long time. I can’t wait to see what Prime 1 has to offer next.

Waiting for Prime 1 Studio Guyver 2 Statue

Back when I was a kid, my favorite animation was Dragon Ball Z and Guyver. I always loved the Guyver character, but all the toys and statues were very low quality. Things have completely changed when Prime 1 Studio announced the Guyver lineup. It is super high quality and worth every dollar. I bought Guyver 0, Guyver I, and Guyver III.  Guyver II (Guyver 2) is the only one missing from my collection, and I can’t wait for Prime 1 to announce it. The Gigantic line of Guyvers didn’t interest me, because I never saw them in the animation.