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PS4 Dreams is The Most Creative Game Ever

I have always wanted to create my own video game, but the way to develop is extremely complex. Playstation created a very simple engine called Playstation Dreams to develop video games. I was impressed to see creations like Sonic, Mario, and Metal Gear. All games at the early stages, but the concepts are impressive. Since kids are completely out of school, it is a good time to utilize their talent and create wonderful Playstation games.

God of War 4 Review

Two months ago, I played a really amazing game on PS4 called God of War 4. I spent around 3 weeks playing the game and I can say it is one of the best games ever. Santa Monica studio is an impressive studio, and it is considered one of the main assets for Sony. When I saw the trailer of God of War 4, I was impressed with the graphics and the acting. The clever part is that Sony didn’t show much of the game, so I had no clue what I was getting into. They did set expectations lower than what they delivered and that was a genius move. When I finished the game, I tried so hard to beat the Valkyries and it took me few days to beat them all. One day I played more than 8 hours just to beat the Queen Valkyrie.

I wanted to buy the collector’s edition from my very favorite video game store in Kuwait which is ProGaming. Sadly I didn’t expect the collector’s edition to sell out very fast. Now I constantly check Pro Gaming website which is to see what other collector’s edition games they have.

Lets see what will I play during this summer.