Extreme Laptop Shortage in Kuwait Due To Online Classes

There is an extreme laptop shortage in Kuwait due to online classes. Supply is very limited because the manufacturers aren’t working at full capacity yet due to Covid. Even used laptops increased in value which is something I never expected will ever happen. Sadly I sold my Macbook Pro for 150 KD right before Covid. If I haven’t sold it, it would have been worth more than 200 KD. Few days ago I ordered 4 laptops for the company and the prices were very good. I usually buy from Amazon because it is much cheaper than Kuwait even with shipping and customs. For parents who are looking for laptops, you can buy a mid level laptop within these specs below. Usually the price will be around 190-210 KD if you buy it from Amazon plus shipping and customs.

Processor: Intel i5

Hard Drive: 256 – 512 GB NVMe SSD (Avoid HDD at all cost)


I think this is good enough for a mid level laptop that will last a good amount of time. Going with the lowest specs isn’t a good idea, because it doesn’t last as long. Let me know if you need any guidance with buying a laptop.

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