Hectare’s | The Most Luxury Factory in Kuwait

A while ago I wrote about Hectare’s chips, which set a total new standard in the local manufacturing industry. Last year Hectare’s were selling bag of chips in 150g, then they released 40g bags. Two weeks ago, they released a pack of 6, each containing 25g. When I saw the pack of 6, I realized that Hectare’s is one of most innovative companies in Kuwait when it comes to manufacturing. Everyone who visited the factory said one thing “this factory make you feel as if you are in the US or Europe.” Check their video of manufacturing the chips and you will be proud that Hectare’s is a Kuwaiti brand.

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3 thoughts on “Hectare’s | The Most Luxury Factory in Kuwait

  1. Dalal Alenezi says:


    we would like to send our students on a field trip to you factory, would you please send us the schools field trip details,

    thank you

  2. Zerihun Wudineh Shirango says:

    It’s very attractive and Qualified industries and the products are very delicious and very wanted products keep it up…

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