How To Buy Dogecoin, Bitcoin, & Ethereum in Kuwait

I was asked by multiple people of how to buy cryptocurrency in Kuwait. People want to buy Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. I personally never jumped on board even though I have been monitoring them for few years. When I asked the question, I didn’t know the answer myself. So I asked my friends who are experts in purchasing cryptocurrencies in Kuwait. Surprisingly, they all use the same exact platform. The platform is called Binance. According to my friends, this is the best platform to trade if you are living in Kuwait and the credit charges at around 2%. I just opened an account and I am doing the verification process. I submitted a copy of my passport, and I did verification using my laptop webcam. I was told that they need 1 hour to do the verification and I am still waiting. I was told by my friends that to buy Dogecoin, I have to buy USDT which is very stable currency. Then use the USDT to buy Dogecoin. The other recommendation I got was to buy using stop-limit which you set your lowest price to sell automatically. For example you buy at 0.5 and it goes up to 0.7. You can set the limit at 0.5. If the any massive drop happens, you sell automatically at 0.5 so you don’t lose your initial capital.

I have always been very conservative, but I didn’t gain much even though I believe the stock market is a bubble and same goes with cryptocurrency. The massive money printing is messing up the world and inflating all the prices. Now I decided to jump on board even though I don’t believe that it is the right time.

If you want a very detailed guide of how to purchase Dogecoin, Bitcoin, & Ethereum in Kuwait. Check the step by step article by Incuire Blog.

2 thoughts on “How To Buy Dogecoin, Bitcoin, & Ethereum in Kuwait

  1. Ahmad Mollaei says:

    Great article 👌
    I wanted to ask if you any online brokers (specially international ones) that we can buy index funds stocks from. For example, S&P 500. I know in the UK they use Vanguard but you have to be a British citizens to open an account which is a shame. After allot of research I decided to start investing in stocks and start with some safe (invest and forget) stocks to get the hand of it and go on from there.
    Based on today’s society you can not live paycheck to paycheck for ever. I would really appreciate it if you can help me out.

    Love your as always 👌.


    • ryuker says:

      If you are in Kuwait you can open an account in NBK or KMEFIC. Also you can open with interactive brokers based in Dubai. I see most Kuwaitis use these options.

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