How To Test a New TV Before Accepting The Delivery

I am writing this article after learning things the hard way. Few months ago, I bought a new TV and thing I regret the most is not checking it properly before signing the receiving document. I basically turned the TV on and I turned a movie for 10 seconds and it seemed good to go. I signed the document and I didn’t use the TV for few day thinking it was working perfectly. Few days later, my wife turned on an old cartoon called Flouna on Shahid. There was a scene which was mostly white, and this is when I saw some black spots where there is no colors at all. The size of the black spots is as good as a 100 fils. I didn’t see it because most of Netflix movies are dark, so the faded color was easily missed.

Trying to return or repair the TV in Kuwait is a pure nightmare. Companies try to resist as much as possible and some try to delay it until the 14 days get passed, so it can’t be returned. I called within the 14 days, but it took more than a month for them to come. It was extremely difficult for me to get the company to come and check the TV. When they checked the TV, they thought that the TV was working perfectly, so I pulled a Youtube video that is mostly white color and this is when they saw the faded colors. They tried to convince me that it is OK, and not a big deal. I insisted that this is a brand new TV, and I won’t live with that many spots with no colors. They took the TV for repair

My recommendation is to test the TV with the following Youtube vidoes. If everything is working perfectly, then you can sign. This will minimize the issues, and will let you avoid the nightmare of returning or repairing the TV in Kuwait.

Black, White, and Colorful Background Video [My issue showed in White Background]

This is where you will see any faded colors or dead pixels.


4 thoughts on “How To Test a New TV Before Accepting The Delivery

    • ryuker says:

      Sadly Mohammed, I didn’t take a picture or video of it. I just showed it to them when they came to check it out. They saw the issue and took the TV

  1. Mishal says:

    Thank you for sharing.

    Actually, something similar but more severe happened to me last year.

    I bought a Sony Bravia 4k TV and used it for about 13 or 14 months without any issues and all of a sudden I switched it on one day and was shocked to see a horizontal green line passing through the lower half of the TV screen !!
    By that time of course the warranty has already expired and I was left with the option to pay the company more than 400 KD for a screen replacement or try to DIY repair. I opted for the later but unfortunately that did not end well I managed to fix the bright green line but now the whole lower half of the screen has a greenish tinge

    • ryuker says:

      Something very similar happened to me few years ago and it was a Bravia TV as well. They told me the repair cost is as much as buying a new one. So I ended up buying a new one. These TV’s are expensive so you expect the best quality, but it isn’t the case all the time.

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