Kindle Oasis | Ebook Device That Changed My Life

I was never interested in reading books until few years ago. It started by buying a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad, which changed my life in terms of investment philosophy. I used to buy physical books, but with time I started to dislike the wait for each shipment to arrive. One day I decided to order the smallest and cheapest Kindle from Amazon, and after using it for less than 30 minutes, I realized that Ebook isn’t for me. I went back to use physical books which I didn’t like, because whenever I see the thickness of the book, I get discouraged. One day, I saw my cousin reading from a very small Ebook, and he was just holding it with one hand. I asked what kind of Ebook was that, and he told me it is Kindle Oasis 1st Gen. I used the device, it was so light, and clicking the buttons made it extremely user-friendly. When I checked it online, the device was pricy, but I gave it a try. The moment I got it, I realized that it is very comfortable to hold, and the battery last for a very long time. Kindle Oasis made reading so much easier and comfortable. All my friends who tried it, loved it so much, and it changed the way they read. Even those who never read books got encouraged to read using Kindle Oasis. It is a device that changes the way you read, and even if you aren’t a reader, you will be interested to read.

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