Inserting 4G Chip In New Router Give Much Higher Speeds

OK this might sound crazy, but I personally tested this glitch and I got 5G speeds at 4G prices. It started with my genius cousin who enjoy experimenting with technology. He subscribed to 5G speed the day it came out, and he was doing various testing with the router in terms of download and upload speeds. He wanted to know what exactly gets us the 5G speed, so is it the sim card subscription, or the router. Out of curiosity he did a speed test with his 5G router and 5G sim card then he inserted his 4G sim card into his 5G router. The surprise was that he got the same exact speeds. Imagine he was paying for 4G plans which is so cheap and he was getting 5G speeds during his test. The thing that is getting us 5G speeds is the router, which I personally believe is a glitch by the telecom companies in Kuwait. Especially that this router is being sold online whether in Kuwait or overseas, so anyone can get 5G speeds without the subscription, which isn’t right.

This glitch might be abused by some users and therefor we decided to write an article and contact all telecom companies in Kuwait, which are Zain, Viva, and Ooredoo to let them know about the issue so they can fix it ASAP and avoid losing millions of dollars.

Got a comment from Saud Almesri & ITGUY and both are right. The speeds is lower on 4G chip than 5G chip. The speeds we got from old router to new router is 15 MB and 289.9 MB respectively. I apologize for the mistake and thanks to both Saud Almesri & ITGUY for pointing out the mistake

5 thoughts on “Inserting 4G Chip In New Router Give Much Higher Speeds

  1. Saud Almesri says:

    WTF!! Lol

    What is wrong with you? Losing millions of dollars!!
    I believe we should pay once for the new sim card and the upgraded 5G service. A ONE TIME PAYMENT AND NOT FOR A monthly bases for the 5G upgrade!!
    specially when we already have an ongoing 4G subscription – contract

    I tested my self and you are making a mistake
    The 5G sim would get you 500-1000mbps

    The 4G sim would get you 100-300 mbps

    I have three 5G phones
    Oppo Reno 5G
    Samsung S10 5G
    xiaomi mi mix 3 5G
    and now I am stuck because none of the providers wants to sell the sim-card separatly nor to upgrade my service !! Unless I sign for a two years contract and get the ugly Huawei Mate 20 5G , which is an outdated phone but comes with 5G!

    So it is ok for customers to get ripped off and lose out money and get stuck for years with none sense contracts

    I urge everyone to ignore these initial prices which ment to test the ground

    It is your money, let them bring the prices to sensable rates
    At the end it is our money 🙂

    5G Upgrade must be for free
    A fee for the new sim-card is accepted
    No monthly obligations

    More 5G phones should be available instead of forcing us to buy the Huawei Mate 20 just to get the 5G sim !


    • ryuker says:

      Hey Saud,

      When we did the test in Bayan area using both sim cards we got both speeds at 289.9, so maybe it depends on area. I also agree with you regarding the one time fee, because this is what I thought at the beginning. I thought that I just have to buy the new router and that will be it, but that wasn’t the case.

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