Mint Restaurant | The Best Indian Restaurant in Orange County

Orange County is one of the nicest places on earth, and my two very favorite cities are Irvine and Newport Beach. I have always been looking for the best restaurants to write about, and for the past few years, I found that Mint Restaurant is the best authentic Indian restaurant in Orange County. The Chef used to work at my previous favorite Indian restaurant Tamirend of London, which sadly closed down few years ago. Mint is a family owned restaurant, and they treat all the customers like their own family. The waiters and waitresses are very friendly, happy, and helpful. The restaurant gets very busy on weekends, and you have to wait for 30-40 minutes to get a table, Thank God that they bought the restaurant next to them for expansion. I was told that the expansion will finish sometime in May if they get the permits and approvals on time. Now when it comes to food, they have a lot of tasty items on the menu. Some of the items are on a secret menu, which I found on Yelp. I was using Yelp as my main source to order from Mint, because I like to choose an item from the images I see. I am impressed that Mint sustained a 4.5/5 stars on Yelp for a very long time, and it isn’t usually the case for a lot of restaurants. Mint serves authentic food, and they use real Indian spices, and they also can make the food spicy if you ask them to do so. Here is the following list of my very favorite items on the menu.


  • Vegetable Samosa

Main Course:-

  • Chicken Tandoori
  • Chicken Biryani
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Sikh Kebab
  • Qeema (Secret Menu)
  • Naan and Cheese Naan (Must eat them as soon as they get them from Tandour)


  • Gulab Jamun with Vanilla Ice Cream






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