Numou | Best Healthy Food Subscription in Kuwait

Numou is a new company that already set a total new standard in the food subscription industry in Kuwait. The other competitors are kind of competing on the same exact segment, because their quality and pricing is almost similar. Numou is really premium and the taste is really impressive. Numou is currently available on carriage, and it is a great way to test it out. Usually healthy meals tastes terrible, but Numou tastes great for healthy food.


The key differentiator with Numou is that the taste and quality keeps improving with time instead of just being consistent. I realized that you could tell the quality of a concept from the first impression when you see the branding of the concept. Numou has a really nice brand, and you could tell the effort that went into it. When I checked their instagram page, I was impressed with the quality of pictures. The level of care that went into this concept is abnormal. I believe that Numou is one of the concepts in Kuwait that has the potential to expand regionally, and replicating such a concept is extremely difficult.

The interesting thing about the new local concepts in Kuwait is that they are much better than the international concepts coming to Kuwait. Kuwaitis are setting a new standard in the food industry, and the trend will eventually continue. The idea of making Kuwait to be the food hub of the world is really doable.

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2 thoughts on “Numou | Best Healthy Food Subscription in Kuwait

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