Hardee’s | Best Fast Food Chicken Filet Sandwich in Kuwait for 2019

Hardee’s chicken filet sandwich is one of my favorite chicken sandwiches in Kuwait. I always get it with curly fries and coke. Sometimes I take the risk by ordering a roast beef sandwich with cheese, which becomes the appetizer before the chicken filet. Every time I pass by Hardee’s, I think whether I should skip for the day or go to the drive through. Most of the time, I end up going to the drive through and order curly fries, chicken filet, roast beef, and coke. I park somewhere close to the restaurant and start eating in the car, which is my happiest moment ever.

Fume | Best Steak in Kuwait for 2019

Two weeks ago, I went to a restaurant called Fume right next to Ananas. My friend ordered grilled lettuce for appetizers, and surprisingly I really liked it. He also ordered two types of steak, one was medium tenderloin steak, and the other came with mushroom sauce. You can find the one with mushroom sauce in the picture above. Both of the steaks were really great, and it became my favorite steak in Kuwait. The mushroom sauce was extremely tasty as well, so as a combination, it perfected the meal. I will be going again to fume sometime this month for sure.

Just C | Best Burger BBQ Box in Kuwait for 2019

Whenever we have a gathering in the farm, we order Just C Burger BBQ Box. I believe that this is the best burger in Kuwait, but it has to be made the right way. I will list the instructions below of how to make it

1- Order Just C Burger BBQ Box from Carriage or store pick up

2- Buy African charcoal, mainly used for grilling

3- Grill the burgers to medium well, and put the cheese on top until it melts

4- Toast the bun and put the burger with melted cheese inside the bun

5- Try the following toppings, special sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and crispy onions.

6- Close your eyes and have your first bite


Whoever try this burger, they rank it the best in Kuwait. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Caramel Bakery | Best Cake in Kuwait for 2019

I have always disliked pumpkin cakes even when I was living in the US. I have always avoided the pumpkin option whether it is for a drink, pie, or cake. I never expected to taste a pumpkin cake and rank it the best cake in Kuwait for 2019. That happened when my mother was ordering the same cake every week, and one day there were no other options for dessert. I wanted to eat something sweet, so I decided to try out the cake. When I had my first bite, the cake was so moist and tasty. I was eating the cake by itself avoiding the filling between the cake layers. Whenever I order the pumpkin cake from Caramel Bakery, everyone enjoys eating it.

Eggcellent | Best Non Traditional Breakfast in Kuwait for 2019

Eggcellent is my favorite place to have breakfast at their store in Sharq or through delivery. I always get Cali Mole, which is a sandwich that have a sunny side up egg and guacamole. It is a very delicious sandwich, and the quality of guacamole is really impressive. Eggcellent have been maintaining a very high standard since they opened. Sometimes during brunch time, I eat both a Cali Mole and Chunky. One is for breakfast and one for lunch,  and then I remain full for the rest of the day. Try Eggcellent by going to their store or ordering online through Carriage.

Papa John’s | Best Delivery Pizza in Kuwait for 2019

From all the available pizza concepts in Kuwait, I prefer to order Papa John’s pizza when it comes to delivery. I always order the original crust margherita, pepperoni, and vegetarian pizza. I also ask for extra sauce to make the pizza taste more delicious. The other reason I like Papa John’s is that they usually deliver within 30 minutes, so it is very convenient for me. Also they have really good offers when it comes to ordering 2 or 3 pizzas from Talabat application. Try Papa John’s and let us know when you think in the comment section.

Shake Shack | Best Casual Burger in Kuwait for 2019

This was another difficult article for me to write, because I am a big fan of both Shake Shack and Burger Fi. I decided to proceed with Shake Shack, because I eat it much more than Burger Fi. Whenever I go to Raising Cane’s in Jabereya, I either grab one Shack burger or a Shroom burger from Shake Shack. What I really like about Shake Shack is that they are so consistent with both taste and quality and their restaurants are always clean and well maintained.

Salad Creations | Best Healthy Wrap Sandwich in Kuwait for 2019

I always have a problem finding healthy delicious food, because in my mind whatever is healthy, it will taste bad. My perception has changed when I found about Salad Creations in Kuwait. I customized my own wrap, and came up with a very delicious wrap at a very reasonable price. Once my friend saw my wrap, and thought that it tastes bad, because of the green ingredients inside. I told him to give it a shot, and when he tasted it, he didn’t believe that a healthy sandwich can taste that good.

My wrap includes the following

  • Arugula
  • Black Olives
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Pomegranate
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Low Fat Honey Mustard

This wrap is really delicious and it cost 1.850 KD only.

Rashet Fustuk | Best Kanafa in Kuwait for 2019

Rating my best kanafa was very difficult for me, because I love both Habiba and Rashet Fustuk. I decided to go with Rashet Fustuk, because of their packaging since they are both equal in taste. Both of them use high quality cheese for the Khishna Kanafa, which is the one that I usually eat. Kanafa taste much better when you actually eat it at the store with the right amount of sugar syrup. I would suggest to try both of them and then decide which one you like more.

Cookie Dough | Best Molten Cake in Kuwait for 2019

I don’t usually eat molten cake when my friends at the duwaneya order from Chocolateness, because it isn’t really my taste. Things have completely changed when a friend of mine brought two boxes of molten cake from Cookie Dough. I tried both the milk chocolate and Kinder, and both were really impressive. My favorite is the Kinder, and it has to be warm enough to experience the real taste. I highly recommend trying them out for a gathering.