Peacock | What To Order in The Best Restaurant in Kuwait

ryuker / July 15, 2018

Peacock has been Kuwait best restaurant for more than 2 decades. It is by far the tastiest restaurant in Kuwait, and nothing so far competes with it. I know a lot of people who went to Peacock, but they didn’t like the food. The main issue is that they have no clue what to order, and they don’t ask for the waiter’s recommendation. I will start listing the best items in Peacock, and you will definitely like it.

First they serve saw cashew nuts with 2 sauces.

Two appetizers that must be ordered

1- Chicken Wings, this is by far my favorite dish. The sauce tastes amazing and the chicken is tender from the inside and a little crunchy from the outside.

2- Shrimp on Toast, make sure they bring it crunchy though.

Now when it comes to main courses, order the following.

1- Chicken Lemon, make sure you request it to be crispy.

2- Peking Duck. You get the special sauce, the bread, cucumber, and the duck. You make it into a small wrap and eat it.

3- Chinese Steak. Ask for it to be as tender as possible


Some of the food is preferred to be eaten with either fried rice or steam rice.

Try Peacock at Radison Sas, and let me know what you think. I really believe that it is the best restaurant in Kuwait. Make a reservation today and keep me updated.

Peacock Phone Number: +965 25756000

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