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Amazon is Now Requiring Civil ID or Passport Copy For Kuwait Shipments

Today I was surprised to see Amazon requiring a picture of my civil ID or Passport Info for Kuwait customs. For the ID, they require a picture of both front and back. For passport, they ask for passport number, issuing country, and expiration date. If someone submit an order without supplying the info for 48 hours, the order will be cancelled. It seems Kuwait is becoming more strict with the shipments as I have never seen such requirement from any other country. The only time I submitted my civil ID for shipments is when I opened a Posta Plus Mybox account. It happened once only and they never asked for the information again. I hope that online shopping from overseas doesn’t get any difficult as I rarely buy anything from Kuwait anymore. Below you can see the info they ask for when you try to ship to Kuwait

Buying Computer Hardware From Amazon Vs Kuwait’s Suppliers

Around 10 years ago, I used to buy all my computer hardware from Silicon Valley in Hawally (Bin Khaldoun St). I remember when I used to go from one store to another to find the lowest price possible. I used to go at least once every 1-2 weeks to see or buy the latest PC hardware. I bought a lot of computers from Hawally whether for myself, friends, or family. Now it is no longer the case, because I buy everything directly from Amazon.com. Almost all the time, I find things cheaper to buy from Amazon Vs the stores in Kuwait, this is including shipping and customs. Most of the time, I use Amazon.com direct shipping to Kuwait whenever it is possible. It is really fast and doesn’t cost much.

It is very very rare to see an item cheaper in Kuwait Vs the US, and sometimes I do find things to cost the same if I am ordering 1 item only. So what I do is order more than 1 item, because shipping mostly cost the same.

I have been buying SSD Hard drives for the company laptops, and I compared a lot of stores in Kuwait Vs Amazon.com, but Amazon has always been cheaper. Now about 85% of my purchases whether for the company or myself is through Amazon.

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Porter Express | Best Delivery Courier Company in Kuwait

There are tons of delivery companies in Kuwait, but you see a lot of them come and go. For businesses, it is easier to deal with an established company rather than someone new to the market. This is an issue that we personally faced where we used to search for the cheapest rate, and usually these companies are newly established. We sign with them and they work for few months and what happens is either they increase prices for realizing that they aren’t making money or they go out of business. Porter Express is one of the very first local courier companies established in Kuwait. They have improved a lot especially after the new management joined and they took things to the next level. Right now they are focused on large companies, but they also accept small businesses that have 15+ deliveries per day.

The other reason of Porter Express constant improvement is because they work with the international delivery companies. These companies have a very high standards. They won’t accept working with amateurs who aren’t taking the business seriously. I was surprised to see some delivery companies in Kuwait that has two to three drivers only, and these drivers work at the owners home. I don’t call that part-time work a delivery company. Now with the Corona virus, there is a surge in demand for all delivery companies in Kuwait. The big companies will only work with professional companies in Kuwait, which I can count with my fingers.

The latest service they offer is inventory where they store products within their warehouse and they handle delivery. It makes it much easier for businesses so they don’t have to worry about pick ups.

Website: http://www.porterex.com/