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Anker 737 Power Bank With 140W Output

This is my new favorite power bank which is extremely powerful. I was surprised to see the Gan technology reach such levels where the power bank USB C can give a total output of 140W. On the power bank there is a display that shows how much wattage each device is getting. Some phones doesn’t receive much wattage, while others do. The 140W power bank is perfect for charging the new Macbook Pro 16″ which comes with a 140W charger. I also got the 120W Gan wall charger to charge my 737 power bank at an extremely fast speed. It takes about 30 minutes to be fully charged. The Anker 737 power bank isn’t available in Kuwait and I recently got it from the UK, but I highly recommend getting one.

Best Power Banks of 2019

I have been collecting Power Banks for a very long time. In the past, most power banks were charged via Micro USB cable, which was perfect, because most Android phones were using the same cable. Things have changed when Android smartphones switched to USB C, and most power banks still supports Micro USB. Some power banks supports USB C, but there aren’t many in the market so far. Now I will rank my favorite brands for Power Banks.

1- OmniCharge: It is by far the best brand in the entire world in terms of size, build quality, durability, function, and design. The way they assemble their power banks is amazing. When I first saw the Omnicharge 20, I didn’t believe such thing exist. I decided to buy it even though it was too good to be true. When I saw the device, it was so compact and solid, and it impressed me big time. When I connected the DC cable to Megasafe 2 and it worked, I was like WOW, I have been searching for such thing for a very long time and I never though such thing will ever exist. The only missing thing for me that I wanted to charge the Omnicharge 20 via USB C instead of a power adapter. Luckily the new Omnicharge Ultimate will support USB C charging, which makes my dream power bank. I also tried their competition which is Mophie Powerstation AC , but it is nowhere close to Omnicharge due to the size and bulkiness. Omnicharge newest products will launch after their indiegogo campaign, which is the new mobile series and again they keep impressing me. Amazing designs and new functions such as wireless charging. Omnicharge are constantly setting a new standard in the industry.

2- Aukey: Most of my power banks are from Aukey, because at early stages they were having 2 options per power bank. I bought both the option to charge with Micro USB and USB C and it was very convenient for me. I also bought the one to charge with Micro USB and Lighting. Their designs were OK for the older models, but the new ones are great.

3- Anker: I believe it is the most popular brand for power banks and it is Amazon best seller power bank. I like their build quality, designs, and durability. I also like the case that comes with the power bank. The only issue I saw with Anker is that it took them a long time to switch to USB C for charging. For a long time, they have been sticking to Micro USB, but the new ones have USB C ports to charge the power bank. Overall it is a really amazing company.

I love all the above brands, and I highly recommend all of them