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Muharraq Skewers | The Best Mix Grill Restaurant in Kuwait

I have been going to Muharraq Skewers for the past few months. Honestly, it is the best mix grill restaurant in Kuwait. The food is always fresh and the meat is always juicy and tender. The restaurant is located in Salmiya and it is a very small restaurant and always full. The only time I go and find a table instantly is when they first open but from 7:30 or 8:00 PM, it takes around 1 hour to get a table. I use an app called Requeue to be in line so I don’t have to wait outside the store. Let me share what I usually order from Muharraq Skewers

1- Bahrini Tikka (Marinated with Loomi)

2- Hearts

3- Arayes

4- Kebab

5- Hummus

Just order the mentioned items and for sure you will be more than happy.

AlShamam | Best Traditional Restaurant in Kuwait for 2019

AlShamam is one of the most traditional restaurants in Kuwait and most people go there to eat fish. I tried eating fish, but I didn’t like it much because I don’t like eating fish in Kuwait except Zbaidi. I tried AlShamam multiple times, and I used to go to the one close to Gulf Bank. It was OK overall, nothing too impressive.

One time I went to the branch in the middle of Souq AlMubarekeya. The tables are outside close to the grocery market, and their food is impressive and much tastier. I always order the following, hummus, kebab, arayes, and tea at the end.

Everything is really tasty, and it is one of my very favorite restaurants in Kuwait.