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Mado | Best Turkish Baklava in Kuwait for 2019

The Carrot Shaped Baklava is one of the most popular Turkish Baklava’s ever. I got used to eating it after eating steak at either Nusr-Et or Sultan Chef. Eating Baklava and dondurma ice cream while having tea is the best combination ever. The great thing about this Baklava is that it tastes exactly the same whether you have it at the store or when you order it on Carriage app. The problem is when you have one and it isn’t enough and you go for the second one. You will regret it a little, but it is worth every bite.

Sultan Chef | Best Turkish Steak House in Kuwait for 2019

We rank Sultan Chef the best Turkish steak house in Kuwait for 2019. We have tried lots of Turkish steak houses in Kuwait, but the one that stands out has always been SultanChef. Now let me tell you what to order when you go there.

1- SultanChef Cheesy Meatballs (Kofta). We always start with this Kofta for appetizers.


2- Sultan Chef Special. This is my very favorite dish, they cook the steak with very hot butter and then they top it with cheese, bread, and arugula.

3- Lamb Chops Rack of Lamb. We always enjoy eating the lamb chops and we enjoy the experience of cutting the lamb chops in front of us.

4- Baklava with Dondurma Ice Cream & Tea. Eating Baklava with Dondurma ice cream is a must at Sultan Chef. Don’t focus much on the number of calories, because every bites goes to the heard. Having tea with the baklava and ice cream complements it all the way.