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Cafe Bazza | Best Traditional Breakfast in Kuwait for 2019

When I came back to Kuwait, I was looking for a traditional breakfast where I can eat falafel, hummus, eggs..etc. I found out about Cafe Bazza in Bnaid Algar, so I decided to try it out. The moment I walked in, I saw a lot of traditional Kuwaiti stuff from text inspired from Darb AlZalag to paintings featuring Vimto and roaster hot sauce. Now Cafe Bazza is the place where I enjoy eating traditional breakfast the most. This is what I usually order and keep in mind that you will eat everything with their fresh bread right from the oven.

1- Grilled Halloum

2- Hummus

3- Moutabal

4- Plate of Falafel + Tahina Sauce on the side

5- Fried Potatoes

6- Pomegranate Hibiscus Drink


You will enjoy every bite, especially when you eat their grilled halloum.