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Poppylicious Bakery | The Best Cake in Kuwait for 2020

I finally found my favorite cake this year. The cake is a Poppy Seed cake from Poppylicious Bakery, and I can’t describe how delicious the cake is. Poppy Seed cake doesn’t sound very delicious, but once you have the first bite, you will be addicted. Poppylicious Bakery really perfected the cake where it is so soft and light. The first time I saw the cake, I said I will only have one small slice. I had the first slice, then asked for a bigger one. I finished the bigger slice then I asked for another one. I really couldn’t stop eating one after the other until it was mental struggle for me to stop. Because the cake is so light, it is easy to eat many slices. I choose the one with iced sugar as a topping, and the one with white chocolate isn’t really my taste. I highly recommend trying the Poppy Seed cake from Poppylicious Bakery, and trust me it is perfect for family and friends gatherings.

You can order from Poppylicious Bakery through direct messaging them on their instagram page

Caramel Bakery | Best Cake in Kuwait for 2019

I have always disliked pumpkin cakes even when I was living in the US. I have always avoided the pumpkin option whether it is for a drink, pie, or cake. I never expected to taste a pumpkin cake and rank it the best cake in Kuwait for 2019. That happened when my mother was ordering the same cake every week, and one day there were no other options for dessert. I wanted to eat something sweet, so I decided to try out the cake. When I had my first bite, the cake was so moist and tasty. I was eating the cake by itself avoiding the filling between the cake layers. Whenever I order the pumpkin cake from Caramel Bakery, everyone enjoys eating it.