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Eggcellent | Best Fried Chicken Sandwich in Kuwait for 2019

My favorite fried chicken sandwich was Mr Bells at Ridley’s Burger, but since the taste has changed. Now I rank Chunky at Eggcellent the best fried chicken sandwich in Kuwait. The only issue I have with Eggcellent is that they close at 2 PM, so I can’t have it for dinner. I wait for Ramadan, because we can order from Eggcellent for suhoor. Chunky is the sandwich we eat the most during that time. Once my co-worker tried it and he called it the luxury Zinger. For those who don’t know Zinger, it is a fried chicken sandwich at KFC.

The Two Best Fried Chicken Sandwiches in Kuwait

I have always been a fan of fried chicken sandwiches, and the first one that I fell in love with and still live is KFC Zinger. Things have changed the past 5 years where we have more local premium fried chicken concepts in Kuwait that even international chains can’t compete with. My favorite restaurant is still KFC, but when I crave premium fried chicken sandwich, I have two sandwiches. The first one is Mr Bells from Ridly’s in Salhiya. This sandwich is extremely unique, because it has a piece of fried cheese. Once you bite the sandwich, you see the cheese coming out from the crispy layer. The bun of the sandwich is very soft, and the chicken is very tender. The sauce most of the time is perfect, but sometimes they miss the taste for some reason. Mr Bells taste much better once you eat it at their branch.

“I believe that Mr Bells is the best fried chicken sandwich in Kuwait.”

The first one right now Chunky from Eggcellent. Sadly this sandwich is available until 2pm, because Eggcellent is a breakfast concept. The amazing thing is that it is available all time after futoor in Ramadan. The chicken of the sandwich is very tender, and the crumbs is very crunchy. Give it a shot and let me know what you think in the comments below.


The second option is Beak Original. I usually order Beak from Deliveroo and the quality is really impressive. I usually hesitate to try a new restaurants, but Beak was totally worth it. Try it out and let me know what you think