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Baking Tray | Best Cookies in Kuwait for 2019

I honestly believe that Baking Tray is not only the best cookies in Kuwait, but it is the best cookies in the entire world. My favorite cookies at Baking Tray is the chocolate chip cookie, and if you have it at their store it tastes perfect. I usually order Baking Tray cookies through Carriage app, and it still tastes amazing, but not as good as when you have it at the store. I believe any tourist coming to Kuwait, they should try Baking Tray cookies if they get the chance.


Raising Cane’s | Best Fried Chicken Strips in Kuwait for 2019

I can’t believe when I tell some of my friends and family about Raising Cane’s, they tell me that they never got the chance to try it. Some have tried it, but didn’t like it, because they ordered it for delivery. The trick to really enjoy eating Raising Cane’s is to go to one of their branches and eat it there. My favorite moment is when I bite the fried chicken strips right after it comes out from the fryer. Then biting that piece of delicious bread and drinking cold coke. I just had Raising Cane’s and I am getting hungry again just remembering the experience. My favorite branch is in Jabreya, Kuwait. We rank Raising Cane’s the best fried chicken strips in Kuwait for 2019.