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Ananas | Best Soft Serve Ice Cream in Kuwait for 2019

Ananas is such an impressive concept offering premium soft serve ice cream in Kuwait. I went to Ananas 3 times so far, and every time I get impressed more than the previous time. I usually get the strawberry cheesecake ice cream and it tastes really great. The texture, the sweetness, and the feeling after each bite is impressive. I see most people getting the Equa Lush ice cream, but I haven’t tried it until now. They have been delivering through Deliveroo app for a while, and next time I will order through Deliveroo instead of going to the store. We rank Ananas the best soft serve ice cream in Kuwait for 2019.

Dairy Queen | Impressive Soft Serve Ice Cream

This is something I personally didn’t know about, but it seems my family do. Few days ago, I was searching for an amazing soft serve ice cream to eat for dessert. I am personally used to eat soft serve ice cream at Mcdonald’s, which I still like a lot. I was told to try Whipped few months ago, but when I ordered it, I wasn’t very happy due to the color of their ice cream. They use blue color for their vanilla ice cream, which I didn’t like, because I wasn’t to avoid food color. The taste is great, and they have great toppings. My brother told me to go try Dairy Queen and it has been my family’s favorite for a very long time. I didn’t know much about it, because I was young when their branch was in Abdullah Alsalem back in the day. I have vague memories of them serving a banana split with ice cream. The day I tried Dairy Queen soft serve, I realized that it is one of the best soft serves I’ve had in my life. It is colder and harder than the the usual soft serves from other stores. I enjoyed every bite of it, and from now on I rank Dairy Queen soft serve in my top 3 list for soft serves in Kuwait.