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Meme’s Curry | Best Chicken Katsu in Kuwait for 2019

I have heard of Meme’s Curry for a long time before I tried them back in 2015. I was mostly interested in the story of the concept where the Kuwaiti owner stayed in Japan for few months to learn how to cook Chicken Katsu. He named his restaurant Meme’s Curry after his daughter’s nickname. When I told my friends about Meme’s Curry, they tried it via delivery. Chicken Katsu isn’t a meal that you deliver, because it loses crunchiness. It is a meal that you enjoy at the store, plus you have to know what to order. I usually order Meme’s Special, which you can find in the picture above.

Sometimes I order a side of fried shrimp. It is good, but too oily overall. My best experience trying Meme’s Curry is at exhibitions, because the experience of crowded place makes it taste better even tough it is always great at their stores.