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Why Do We Still Order From Carriage Over Deliveroo

The battle between Carriage and Deliveroo has been going on for sometime. I personally use Talabat, Carriage, and Deliveroo. My favorite one is Deliveroo because of the superior customer service. Even though Deliveroo is my favorite app, I can’t use it that much. The main reason of why I use Carriage more than Deliveroo is the option to write notes for each item I order. At the Duwaneyah, I usually order food for 10+ people, and each person customize his order differently. For example we order from Fat Burger, I will get a request saying I don’t want onions in my burger. The other want extra mayo and so on. The problem is that I can’t add any notes to the items I order on Deliveroo. When I use Carriage I have the luxury to write down a note for each item, and that’s why I still use Carriage more than Deliveroo. This case applies to all my friends at the Duwaneyah and all of us are forced to use Carriage instead.

I hope Deliveroo update their app to include such feature. If they do, they will be much more competitive.

Deliveroo Has Arrived in Kuwait With Free Deliveries

It seems that Carriage and Talabat have a real competitor in Kuwait. You will guess Craves or Zitat, but no I mean a real competitor. Deliveroo has arrived in Kuwait with free deliveries, and guess what ? if it is late, you get the order for free. I can’t believe that most deliveries are between 20-30 minutes, so I will go ahead right now and try it out.

Download Deliveroo and give it a shot Android & iOS