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EPIC The New Puffs by Drops

Today I tried a very unique product that is very new and I consider it a must try. EPIC puffs by Drops and it is developed by Cruncho, which is the company behind Pro Life Pro Puffs. The cheese one was really good, but the really impressive one that I will buy all the time is the sweet corn. The sweet corn taste exactly like the Pop Pop sweet corn that comes in golden foil and it comes with 3 big pieces. These days I see it mostly in Gargean events but not on daily basis like back in the day. You can see the picture below

I am seeing more innovation that ever in Kuwait when it comes to products development. Hectare’s, Pro life, Oda, and more are very innovative and cool products. Epic should be available very soon or already is in places that I am not aware of. Give it a try and let me know what you think.