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Gogogate 2 – Turn Your Existing Garage Into a Smart One

Back in 2015, I was searching for products to turn my home into a smart one. It was really easy finding a smart thermostat and smart door locks, but when it came to smart garages it was really difficult. I spent few days searching the internet of how to turn your garage into a smart one, and I came across Gogogate 2. The price was $134 including the wireless sensor, so I had my doubt about the product. I didn’t find many articles talking about the product, so I decided to take the risk and try it out. Installation was very simple that I did everything by myself. The product changed my life, and it is one of the products that i highly recommend to anyone. Even my friends in San Diego were wondering how did I turn my garage into a smart one with such a small device. Days later, I bought Gogogate 2 for all my Airbnb homes, so I no longer wait for the guests to arrive. All of my guests loved it, and they started to buy Gogogate 2 for their garages. I just wish that there is automatic integration with Airbnb where whenever someone book, automatically they get the user name and password instead of me creating users for each guest and then delete it once the guest check out. The only time I faced a challenge is when I bought Gogogate 2 for one of my homes and it had a different type of garage button. When I clicked the button, it turns on then automatically disconnect. I contacted Gogogate support and they replied with a solution immediately, and their solution required soldering. They attached a sketch of the points I should solder, and it was really easy to understand even for non engineers. I opened the garage door button and soldered the points, and it started working. The beauty about Gogogate 2 is that it is a very easy to use and the applications on both iOS and Android are very user-friendly. Now whenever someone arrives at my home before I do, I just give them access and they get in. My life is so much easier with Gogogate 2. Now I am waiting for the next release if there is one to upgrade all my homes to Gogogate 3.