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Google Pixel 6 Pro Will Be My Next Phone

I have been using Samsung Z Fold2 since last October. I really like the fold feature, but I hated Samsung bloatware and OS. I have no clue why I always get a notification saying that an app was shut down for violating security. Until now I have no clue which app is causing this issue because it is all in the background. I tried lots of Android phones, and never faced such issue. The best Android experience has always been Google Pixel, but the problem with Google Pixel they came with very low storage. These days I consider 128 GB low storage for my usage. I need a minimum of 256 GB, and 512 GB is ideal. Google Pixel has a very clean OS, and in my opinion it it the closest phone to an iphone. Now with Google releasing Pixel 6 Pro that comes in 256 GB and 512 GB and a camera that is 4 times the performance of previous cameras. They got my attention, and I really want to buy it. The only issue is how to buy it, because in the past Google Store used to ship to forwarding addresses. Then after Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, they completely stopped. I didn’t buy Pixel 4, but for Pixel 5, they listed it on Amazon. I bought it directly from Amazon, so it was very easy. Now the issue is that most probably, they won’t sell it on Amazon. I am guessing because Pixel 5a, which was released today wasn’t available on Amazon. I believe same thing will happen with the Pixel 6 Pro. My solution is to order it on a friend or family address in the US and they ship it to me, but I hate doing that. I really hope they sell it on Amazon and make the process easy for buyers outside of the US.

One Plus is The Toyota of Smartphones

I have always thought of Toyota as the best brand for cars in terms of price, resale value, quality, and reliability. It is a car that you buy and no longer worry about any issue. When it comes to smartphones, I have tried all kind of phones. I have tried Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, HTC, Google, and One Plus. The one I was most comfortable with was Google Pixel until I tried One Plus. After trying One Plus, it reminded me of Toyota when it comes to the value I am getting

I saw a lot of common things between the brands such as Motorola, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, and HTC.  Google Pixel and One Plus are on a different level. I loved Google Pixel because of the pure Android, but I didn’t like the limited storage and price. Now I am using One Plus and I can’t believe such an amazing smartphone exist at this price point. I am loyal to One Plus, because of the following

Price & Specs: The price of One Plus smartphones is really perfect for the high end specs such as high storage (256 GB) and high RAM (8-12 GB)

Quality: The quality of One Plus phones is amazing both in hardware and software.

OS: One Plus OS is by far the greatest, and it really complete with pure Android.

Innovation & Design: One Plus were pioneers in having a full screen with pop up camera. I love their innovation

One Plus combined all the good stuff and packaged it into one smartphone at an amazing price. Try One Plus out and you will never buy another smartphone.