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Google Pixel 6 & 7 Pro Finally Get VoLTE for Zain in Kuwait

I have been a huge fan of Google Pixel, but I stopped using them because they didn’t support VoLTE and 5G in Kuwait. I decided to switch to Samsung Z Fold because of that and now I got used to the Fold. After one of the recent updates, Google is officially supporting VoLTE for Zain. I haven’t tried STC yet, so I am not sure, but Ooredoo doesn’t support it so far. I hope Ooredoo support the Pixel it in the end, I would love to switch to Google Pixel Fold, but I am not convinced yet because of the thick bezels. My current issues with Samsung Fold is that it no longer open 180 degrees, and that happened with me twice so far. The hinges are not very durable because I have a thick cover, yet the phone hinges get damaged after small drops. I will wait to check out Z Fold 5, and see if I should upgrade or not.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Should Copy Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Strategy To Compete Head To Head

I have been a user of Google Pixel phones since the very first one. I have always been a fan of Google Pixel phones, but there were always some sort of limitations in terms of specs, storage, and colors. Pixel 6 Pro have changed a lot and it really became a flagship phone, but there are small limitations if solved, it would be the perfect phone. I will share all the comments that I got from friends and family, and a lot of them started to use Google Pixel at one point because of me. This is what Google need to do to compete with Apple

  • More storage options for more colors. Currently 512GB comes in black only, and some people want it in white and gold as well
  • More storage options for all countries. Right now 512GB is offered in the US only and the rest of the world get a maximum of 256GB
  • Sell the 512GB at more stores. Right now it is sold at Google Store US only and not Amazon, Best Busy, B&H, or Target
  • Higher storage. Google should offer 1TB storage option for those who use lots of storage.
  • Offer Google Pixel 6 and Google 6 Pro in more countries. Sadly India and the Middle East won’t get it, which disappointed lots of people.
  • Release more colors for Google Pixel 6 Pro. The 3 options are kind of limited for people to choose from.

Google did a great job with Google Pixel entry price at $599.99, but I saw most people focusing on the Pro. That’s why you see the Pixel 6 is available everywhere, and the Pixel 6 Pro is sold out everywhere. I believe Google should focus more on Google Pixel 6 Pro, because this is what most people want. I recommend Google Pixel 6 for the basic users, but not for people who want a flagship phone.

Google should copy Apple’s strategy to compete head to head. Especially with the new pricing and features, I believe they can win lots of marketshare. I compared both Google Pixel 6 Pro vs Apple 13 Pro Max at 512GB for both. The iPhone is $300 more expensive than the Pixel. That’s why I believe Google can do a lot if they do it right.

The great thing about Apple is that Apple knows exactly what colors and storage options people want. Apple products are also available everywhere, and anyone can buy it from anywhere. I think it is very simple for Google to do the same, and once they do, they will take a lot of marketshare.

One Plus is The Toyota of Smartphones

I have always thought of Toyota as the best brand for cars in terms of price, resale value, quality, and reliability. It is a car that you buy and no longer worry about any issue. When it comes to smartphones, I have tried all kind of phones. I have tried Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, HTC, Google, and One Plus. The one I was most comfortable with was Google Pixel until I tried One Plus. After trying One Plus, it reminded me of Toyota when it comes to the value I am getting

I saw a lot of common things between the brands such as Motorola, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, and HTC.  Google Pixel and One Plus are on a different level. I loved Google Pixel because of the pure Android, but I didn’t like the limited storage and price. Now I am using One Plus and I can’t believe such an amazing smartphone exist at this price point. I am loyal to One Plus, because of the following

Price & Specs: The price of One Plus smartphones is really perfect for the high end specs such as high storage (256 GB) and high RAM (8-12 GB)

Quality: The quality of One Plus phones is amazing both in hardware and software.

OS: One Plus OS is by far the greatest, and it really complete with pure Android.

Innovation & Design: One Plus were pioneers in having a full screen with pop up camera. I love their innovation

One Plus combined all the good stuff and packaged it into one smartphone at an amazing price. Try One Plus out and you will never buy another smartphone.

Don’t Buy Pixel 4 XL On Launch Day Wait For a Good Deal

Last year I was in such a rush to buy the Pixel 3 XL. I bought two of them right after they were released, and guess what. It was the most stupid thing I have done, because few weeks later there were massive discounts. I couldn’t believe that they were discounted few weeks later. This time I won’t fall in the same trap, I will wait until Thanksgiving and see the prices. Also if you get a very good offer from Google Fi, just make sure you read the fine print, because once I misunderstood a deal.

Overall Pixel phones are really amazing, and I really want to switch to Pixel 4 XL.