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Cafe Bazza | Best Traditional Breakfast in Kuwait for 2019

When I came back to Kuwait, I was looking for a traditional breakfast where I can eat falafel, hummus, eggs..etc. I found out about Cafe Bazza in Bnaid Algar, so I decided to try it out. The moment I walked in, I saw a lot of traditional Kuwaiti stuff from text inspired from Darb AlZalag to paintings featuring Vimto and roaster hot sauce. Now Cafe Bazza is the place where I enjoy eating traditional breakfast the most. This is what I usually order and keep in mind that you will eat everything with their fresh bread right from the oven.

1- Grilled Halloum

2- Hummus

3- Moutabal

4- Plate of Falafel + Tahina Sauce on the side

5- Fried Potatoes

6- Pomegranate Hibiscus Drink


You will enjoy every bite, especially when you eat their grilled halloum.

Simsim | The Best and Tastiest Shawarma in San Diego California

I spent my summer vacation in the US in both Irvine and Carmel, California. I was driving around mostly to San Diego and sometimes Los Angeles since there isn’t much to do in Irvine. This year was the most interesting year in the US, and especially for food. I read on reddit that there are 3 restaurants that has Kuwaiti partners somehow and two of them are in Los Angeles, and one in San Diego. I couldn’t manage to go to the ones in Los Angeles, but I will definitely try The Kind Ones in Kuwait. I am used to RHS since it was under our office, but sadly they closed down.

Now lets talk about Simsim Mediterranean Grill, which is located in San Diego, California. This is the best and tastiest shawarma in San Diego and most Kuwaitis are saying the same thing. It is really really tasty, and one of a kind. The menu consist of shawarmas, bowls, and sides. It is a fast casual concept, which means it has a focused and simple menu to prepare the items while walking through the line. It is a concept very similar to Chipotle but serving shawarma instead of burrito. My very favorite items on the menu are the following

Simsim Shawarma : Chicken & Pomegranate

Daring Shawarma : Meat & Tomato Sauce

Feta Shawarma : Half Chicken & Half Meat

My Own Combo Bowl : Half Chicken with Bulgur & Half Meat with Rice and Tomato Sauce all over

Sides : Hummus & Baba Ghanouj

Whenever I go to simsim, I see mostly Kuwaitis and Saudis eating there. The food is really impressive overall, and if I visit again, I am definitely going there to eat more of simsim. I believe that this shawarma place is the best in San Diego, and it will disrupt the restaurant industry in the US because of of taste and design.