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Why Best Buy & Walmart Will Never Catch Up With Amazon

Best Buy and Walmart have been trying to catch up with Amazon for a very long time. They tried doing price match, pick up in store, and lowering the minimum ticket price for free shipping. The main problem with both Best Buy and Walmart is that they are not flexible with international shipments. With Amazon they offer international shipping to most countries, and it is extremely fast. Once I wanted to buy a tablet for my mother, but I wasn’t interested in the options and prices we have in Kuwait, so I ended up buying it from Amazon directly to Kuwait. It took 3-4 days to arrive and I saved a total of $170. It is extremely convenient, because Amazon take care of all the custom fees and importing charges. They refund the difference 1-2 weeks after I receive the items, so it is really impressive.

Now with Walmart and Best Buy they are the worst, because not only they don’t ship outside the US, but also they cancel transaction to forwarding boxes in the US. The forwarding boxes is an address in the US where they receive the package and ship internationally to any country. I can’t believe that they cancel most orders going to Aramex, MyUS, and the rest. One time we ordered a laptop from Best Buy to a package forwarding address, but it was cancelled. We tried three different addresses, but again all of them were cancelled.

Amazon is a different game, because they never cancelled a single order to any package forwarding addresses, and they ship anywhere. I believe even if I live in a cave, or on an island by myself, Amazon will still ship the package. Best Buy have the best selection of laptops, but the problem is their cancellation for shipments to forwarding addresses.

“Amazon’s market is the entire world, where Walmart and Best Buy is the US only”